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GreenCure Powdery Mildew Treatment?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by shimmz22, Nov 2, 2009.


    shimmz22 Well-Known Member

    Hello all i currently am growing an auto strain and am very late into flower with a little less than 3 weeks until harvest and noticed PM on my plants late last week. I got this stuff Greencure which most ppl swear by. I used a 1/2tbsp/gl and seen it killed some PM but then a few days later seen it spread to healthier plants. I upped it to 1 TBSP/gl and it still seems like its killing it. But im not too sure... Anyone ever use this stuff in late flower and have good results?? Anyone have any input about this stuff??

    shimmz22 Well-Known Member

    well since no one really knows about this stuff let me say i tried it last week at a 1/2tbsp/gl because i heard if u mix too much of this stuff it will make your buds turn brown so i was careful. It seemed like it worked but not the best that it could and it also seemed like it was spreading. I upped it to 1tbsp/gl and sprayed the shit out of my infected spots and one plant had it real bad. 2 days later....GONE! I recommend this to everyone even if you dont have PM it will protect ur buds and plants from it...

    orangegoblin Active Member

    does it make your buds go brown? i used a high concentration of it just before harvesting, and my buds lost their odor - they barely smell at all

    wondering if anyone knows anything about this??

    vapedg13 New Member

    Green cure is good ass shit bro.... no it doesnt turn your buds to brown or take away the taste....First application you need to spray everything in your garden.... bottom & top of leaves..... the stems and stock....every plant in the infected area (the spores can still be on walls, lights ect.)

    The reason the PM spread to the other plants is its a air born fungus.... it floated right to your other plants

    PM is Freakin Herpes for weed..... Powdery Mildew (PM) is a systemic problem coming from within an infected plant. What you are seeing (the white powderey looking substance) on the leaves is the flowering body of the fungus- the hyphae live within the plant. By the time you can visually identify the problem it's already well established within the plant. No external treatment (like sulphur) can fix the problem.

    Anything you use will only work for a short period 3-10 days...then retreatment is nessary http://www.greencure.net/how_to_use_greencure.asp


    potsmokinsumbitch Member

    Temperatures above 100 farenheit at an hour or more will kill powdery mildew, If you keep temperatures at 85 or above it will not grow.

    durbanmistyman Well-Known Member

    this is all good info i am at day 12 flower and have caught what i think is pm in its early stages. i have hit my plants with H202 at 4 tblsp to a quart the first time and a 25% solution the second time. yesterday i pulled all the plants out and cleaned the tent. i have the exhaust going full go all the time to keep humidity down it has been just under 40% lately. i have also been letting the room run a litte hotter (low 80's( b/c i heard the mildew has more trouble growing in the hotter temps. i ordered greencure the other day in case it gets any worse.

    YNOT420 Member

    So, I'm on day 42 of flower and I have been battling my PM issues for a few weeks now.. I got this EXEL LG stuff that I could root feed and foliar spray, but it's results were suuuuper temporary... I then switched up to some SERENADE on day 36 and things are kinda so far so good, *but the smell was rank as hell :finger: * and the PM looks to be returning in some specific hot spots. I was thinking about going with some GREENCURE after hearing about all of the benefits (mostly smell-wise), but I'm curious to know around what day I should give the last treatment before harvest.. I don't want it to affect the taste/smell of my buds, as I am barely getting those wonderful virtues back after the attack of the dreaded serenade/napalm , so I don't want to treat them too close to harvest day which should be around day 60-63.. Any suggestions? bongsmilie

    shimmz22 Well-Known Member

    honestly bro i tried the greencure and it was also temporary. there is no real solution to PM if you find it early enough try and harvest your plants ASAP. Good luck

    Xare Well-Known Member

    I use greencure to control PM.

    It will kill the spots of PM that you see but by that time its too late and the PM has reproduced and spewed its spores all over the place. Your fans help to blow them around and the spores get on the leaf surface in other areas.

    To effectively treat for PM you have to have a preventative approach. Meaning you have to coat the surface of all the leaf with a protective barrier of the Greencure Product.

    Think of it as a type of inoculation. Just before you put some clones in flower is a good time to spray them with greencure. And then again just before the buds start to form. So they have a good protective layer on all that leaf that will support the plants life during flowering. I spray my mothers down in the veg room on a regular basis just to keep them protected at all times. Like once every two weeks or so.

    As new plant leaf is grown it is vulnerable to the spores that maybe stirred up. Because the surface of a new shoot is acidic from all the nutrients its made out of. You want to coat it with a base layer. This makes it very hard for the PM spores to germinate. They like an acidic leaf surface. Not one that is Alkaline.

    Greencure can burn budding plant pistols if you use it in too strong of a dosage directly on the buds.

    If you have to spray the buds use it at half strength or less.

    mazand1982 Active Member

    Im glad i seen thios post cuz i was hoping sumone would have some GC answers for me....i have 3 plants in a small 3ftx2ftx5ft cab...blue venom,skywalker og, and diablo og...5 weeks into flowering i see PM on the leaves of the diablo og and sprayed GC, i know i went too strong and i burned the pistils, although new ones are growing back a day later...did i seriously damage the plant??? ...everyone says it browns the bud and damages trichomes and all that... DSC02376.jpg DSC02379.jpg a few p[ics of the plants in general...the blue venom is the tall one, doing awesome... IMG_20110416_124123.jpg IMG_20110414_205428.jpg DSC02389.jpg IMG_20110414_205551.jpg DSC02391.jpg

    shimmz22 Well-Known Member

    When i used GC for my buds thats exactly what happend to me. You should be good bro, just make sure you keep spraying everyday and wherever you see it. If you dont have a dehumidifier i would try and get one, those things are awesome to control PM. My last grow i got fucked with tons of PM everywhere that destroyed 20 of my plants. I got so pissed i just stopped growing, this time around though i made sure PM wont get the best of me. #1 problem with growing i believe is PM. Once you get a hint of it, it spreads like wild fire. Also, try and cut the spots of mold out wherever you see it then they cant spread and thoroughly clean your grow air with disinfectant/bleach spray.

    mazand1982 Active Member

    thanks bro, but to be honest i added a small PC fan blowing straight on the plant, upped the air flow, cut out the infected leaves and i only sprayed once 3 days ago and to be honest its fuckin sweet again...i think i brought the PM about myself by not circulating the air, even when i had it it was not the most serious case i seen, im just glad that fuckin PM went away, ...so far...blue venom @ last night IMG_20110420_211003.jpg IMG_20110420_211042.jpg

    mazand1982 Active Member

    just made the home made drying box,lol, i thionk it should work bomb, its a tiny whisper quiet pc fan hotglued to the inside of a home depot 18x18 inch box. sucking out stale air, where does the fresh air come in from u ask...well on the three 1 inch square holes i cut down low on the other side of the box, i think the whole thing cost me like 7 bux, used the home depot free twine by the door for hangers...what u guys think?????? IMG_20110421_213127.jpg IMG_20110421_212658.jpg IMG_20110421_212543.jpg IMG_20110421_212607.jpg

    noxaker1 Member

    hey guys.
    i am in 7 week of flowering, and are in beginning of fight with PM. I have found this post. and have a question to you, guys. I think i have 1 or 1,5 weeks till harvest. Can i use now GC? If yes, in what dosage? 1/2 tbsp or 1 tbsp? My plants are suffering from phosphate deficiency and almost all of fan leaves are dry, i didn't cut them, but from now started, as there is pm on them. pm is moving close to buds. so i need to find the way to stop pm for 1 or 2 weeks.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    yo fellas i have same problem from last week, my lady plant caught foliage diease by spots and Powdery Midew as well...I went to my favorite hydro to get a organic spray, like this pictures


    so few days ago and today my lady plant dont have any PM no more...i must say this product is great :)

    greenage4202 Member

    this is all well and good, but how do you keep it from comin back during curing with that high humidity??

    Oaksterdam Member

    I have been using GC for about a month. It's not going to work longer than a couple day's, but it does work. I like the idea of using it when your first go into flower to build a base on the leaves. Do you think that this will likely keep you from having mildew problems in the next 6/7 weeks after. I wish I would have done that like 5 weeks ago.

    If I see mildew on the leaves does that mean I can assume that the mildew has penetrated the buds?

    adamsgarden Member

    I brought some new clones into my garden and within a week saw pm on thr leaves I went out immediately and bought green cure, pm wash and sulfur prill for a sulfur vape.. I just got done spraying everything down and will be running sulfur in a couple days for the entire room then I will spray again in 7days time. Google jorge cervantes and powdery mildew he also explains how to wash harvest before curing with hydrogen peroxide (h2o2 wash) you can also use a baking soda/olive oil/dish soap mix on leaves which alkalizes the leaves killing pm.

    Btw you can never fully kill PM only contain it. But dont fuck around with PM or you will waste time and money. Go all out on it and just keep it from getting to your buds.

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm lucky I got pm in veg room only and well I know its my fault... dense veg, 75-80 degrees and 65-70% RH been working way to hard and way to long to give the attention to the girls in veg room. Have Green Cure already on hand and moved the dehumidifier in there (should have done that a while ago obviously) I will contain that shit!! Of course its on plants I want to keep so gotta fight it!!

    Brotherdoses Active Member

    Just Wanted to add some info I have found. I have a very small amount of powdery mildew but should have it solved before the buds appear. I am 4 days from 12/12.




    The next link has a solution for buds using alkaline water.


    One thing I find interesting too is that a lot of people seem to say it is in humid or damp areas with poor air flow that you get PM. I have it and live in the desert where it is very very very dry and I have good airflow. Although I have hardly any and I do have to look for it to find it, I do have it. I have been reading about giving my plants silicon to help strength and preventing from disease or infection. Today I saw a add for Simply Silicon. On the add it mentioned fight against PM in dry arid climates where PM lurks. I know its a add and people lie to sell stuff but it caught my eye and my plants have PM in the desert. Also know that PM spores can winter over and stay in soils waiting to come out. So just some info on PM check out the links.

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