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Green Crack Compared To Blue Dream?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by JayTrinity, Apr 28, 2011.


    JayTrinity Active Member

    I found some green crack today, it reeks like that pissy stench that green crack has however this is GREAT BIG COLAS.

    My best thought is that I took the tops and put them away and then went after what you traditionally see as "GC"

    It looks like blue dream, but stinks like green crack.

    Any long time experts please let me know the how close is green crack to blue dream in strain and phenotypes?

    The smell is unmistakable.

    My blue dream did not have that unmistakable orange hair.


    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    i grew Green CrackLE before..i think it was just the original green crack but the co-op i bought it from didn't like the word CRACK so they added the "LE" at the end...i also have grown blue dream on 3 different occasions (one of my favorite strains) they were totally different..the first 3pics are the blue dream and the others are the green crack..green crack stayed short and bushy and the buds were pine flavored kind of..the blue dream got longer and just as bushy with blueberry tasting buds

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    greenesthaze Well-Known Member

    there is a strain called blue crack and its a mix of both
    a dog named chico

    a dog named chico Well-Known Member

    I dunno, i have had both. taste is completely different, and i think i like the buzz better from the GC than the BD..IMO
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Blue Dream is Blueberry x Super Silver Haze.
    Green Crack was originally named Green Kush, but was given the "crack" name due to the very powerful, jittery high it produces.
    Their genetics and effects are rather different, Blue Dream is a relaxing high, while Green Crack is like smoking a pot of coffee.

    Cali.Grown>408 Well-Known Member

    blue dream is actually just HAZE x Blueberry..its an unknown haze..and it's actually a head high but relaxing at the same time..sativa dominant but u can find 50/50 crosses

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