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Great new buy from the club "BLUE DREAM!"

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by skate4theherb, Dec 6, 2009.


    skate4theherb Active Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Strain: Blue Dream
    Lineage: Blueberry X Haze
    Genetics: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
    THC Level: 15% – 20%
    Grow Medium: Indoor, Soil
    Price: $15/gram , $40/eighth, $80/quarter
    Overall Rating: 8.0

    So last night after work i took a drive out to my fav club.When i got there i saw on the bored that they had this stuff called blue dream and green crack.I have heared so much about this green crack stuff.They guy who worked there showed me a bottle of the blue dream.The smell of the bud was a fruity aroma. He also said the high was very uplifting so i went with it.
    After i got home a opened the bag reached for my fav bongbongsmilie the green monster and my grander. after grinding the bud up you could really smell how sweet the bud is. Pack the bowl took a hit and out comes this great thick smoke with a great taste along with it.The high came on fast and lasted for 3 hours:eyesmoke:. I WOULD SAY THIS IS A GREAT BUY IF UR LOOKING FOR AND UP LEFT HIGH.

    RootsOrganicMan Member

    where do you get green crack and blue dream seeds???

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    haha I just got some from my dispensary last night. stuff is insane and full of crystals

    jpnspec Well-Known Member

    not sure about green crack but I am for certain that Blue Dream is only available in clones....for now.

    I also just picked some BD up at my local dispensary, one of my fav strains!

    skate4theherb Active Member

    So you can't buy the green crack and blue dream as seeds.yet I'm sure you will able to later down the road.blue dream And green crack you can only get as clones.I got my ble dream clone from a Friend who got them from the club. So I guess the best way to find them is to ask around.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    GR crack is at BC Seeda

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