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Grape Ape Yield

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Poopyindapants, Apr 8, 2009.


    Poopyindapants Active Member

    Hey everyone,

    Does someone know the yield per plant for Grape Ape?

    Mine have been blooming for about 9 weeks and they look nice, with chunky and dense looking buds.

    Any help would be appreciated,


    sgibson8 Active Member

    got any photos? I've got some grape right now too.

    hippiepudz024 Well-Known Member

    yes i would love to see photos, ive always wanted to grow that strain, where to you get the seeds/clones from??

    GreenphoeniX Well-Known Member

    Grape Ape has pretty much only just got coverage very recently when it was in the latest issue of High Times.
    I imagine it will become a much sought after strain very soon as do most strains once they've featured in a full article in High Times.

    Does not mean it will come out as good as the ones you see pictured in High Times, but if you're up to it it could be ;)

    Where did you manage to find Grape Ape seeds? I haven't seen them around anywhere yet.

    getwrecked Well-Known Member

    we been smokin that grapeape in socal for like 5 years now, and it just started to get popular...its madness

    GreenphoeniX Well-Known Member

    That's how moist strains start out though. Then word gets around o something like its yield/high/stone/look/taste/smell/colour etc. then it gets noticed by someone with connections, then High Times (or a similar Cannabis media service) get wind of it and choose to write an article, featuring pictures of perfect plants grown in massive setups (usually) with everything optimal, bing bang boom, next thing you know it's one of the most sought after strain available on the market haha.

    Without coming from an already very reputable breeder/seed bank there's really no other way for strains to get a lot of international attention, other than winning a Cannabis Cup of course, but it's more often than not the 'heavy weight' breeders who win that anyway.

    I've seriously not seen Grape Ape seeds anywhere. For all I know it's clone only? ... I have read the article about the Grape Ape grow by the 'Cali Master Grower' referred to as 'The Wizard' in High Times though haha. Wasn't actually all that interesting, had no new information that any good grower wouldn't already know. In fact I think I've learned one new growing 'technique' from High Times and Norml ... But I will keep reading them in hope that one day there's an article full of awesome new information and experiments!!! :D

    getwrecked Well-Known Member

    they never give out good info, they give out info for moderate growers, when it comes to advanced techniques they really dont go into detail cause the average reader, hasnt researched growing marijuana for 5-30+ years like some of us have, ive only been growing for about 5 years and i know more info than alot of growers that have been growing for 20+ years that i know personally in real life, they kinda look down upon new growers who are trying to teach them a thing or two, and they end up trying to OUT do you, rather than just share knowledge and let everyone gain something from our trial and errors over the years of our lives. Rollitup needs to come out with a mag for real growers :)

    GreenphoeniX Well-Known Member

    Too true mate, too true. Some growers just stick to the basics for years and years, and that's cool if that's their thing. But as you said, some of us have put more time than we can remember into research, experiments, asking question, etc. etc.
    I know people who have been growing for 'longer' than me, but have actually done fewer grows -> fewer harvests, less research, fewer experiments, yet they still think they're the most shit hot growers around with the best strains and everything, won't take advice, I once offered them some seeds or clones and they refused. I didn't tell them I hav packs and packs of 'official strains' laying around and they could of had cuts of Kali Mist, White Russian, Super Lemon Haze, AK-47 ... They just assumed it was some 'crap' seeds I had from a hermie or something, I had to laugh at them under my breathe. They're going on about how great these skunk seeds they got are... Decided not to tell them I had a pack of Super Skunk seeds (which is what they used to grow and rave about - poor guys really).

    Anyway, that's my rant :)

    getwrecked Well-Known Member

    i got some lemon mist, and more bluecheese seeds that im gonna do after this harvest right now im doing, white widdow, g13 haze, and bluecheese

    AdReNaLiNeRuSh Well-Known Member

    I grew some Grape Ape for a harvest once. I let it veg for longer than I should have, but it produced a decent amount...




    rivdude707 Member

    Love the strain.....heres some of my young ladies Purp erkls with the taller ones Garberville Purp. cross off of HUMBOLDT PURPLE and tryin a FLO in the old tomoto topsy turvy....indoor goin with some REAL NICE DIESEL!!!!!! YUM YUM Nice pics good luck 2 you

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    breakneck, Stonefish and pwizzle like this.

    rivdude707 Member

    Oh yeah...we have GRAPE aPE GROWING WILD up in NOR CALIF .....no lie :)

    somEGuy1 Active Member

    dude this plant looks beautiful, but i suggest you start flushing asap cause you have a lot of nitrogen for how far along the plant is...but it looks beaut

    420OldSchoolDJ420 New Member

    Grape Ape has been sought after for yrs.. Mostly just ppl in Cali knew about this clone only strain until recently.. I wish Subcool or Reserve Prinada or someone would make some 100% Grape Ape seeds. Fem please. lol.

    breakneck Calyx LED

    +rep for the upside down plant!
    sugarless high

    sugarless high Well-Known Member

    I have some grapeape outdors! this stuff is great! 5 or 6 weeks in flower!!

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    pwizzle Active Member

    I've always wondered if the topsy would work. Heard so many people say it don't or won't work. Now I see it does and may try myself!
    Does gravity play a roll helpin the "top" of the plant grow easier?

    rchillem Member

    just found this if it helps......

    heres the link it came from also... http://www.canadianhempco.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_79&products_id=1038

    Grape Ape (Indica Dominant) Awards: 1st Place - Green Cup - 2005 and 2006 1st Place - Medical Cup - 2006 - Lake County Genetics: Afghani crossed with Skunk #1 Effect: Strong Indica - Great for body pain - Long lasting medical effect. Taste/Smell: Similar to a grape flavor. Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm. Flowering outdoor: Ready in end of September and Mid of October.

    Steph187 Active Member

    I never heard of grape ape..interesting

    ezzie209 Member

    i have some grape ape in day 54 being flush.. second grow under a 1000.. here's some pics.. 1208100238.jpg 1211101852a.jpg 1211101851.jpg downsized_1211101852.jpg

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