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Grams per watt, LEDs outperform HPS

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by ssj4jonathan, Jun 9, 2012.


    ssj4jonathan Well-Known Member

    Breaking news courtesy of PRWeb:: Dutch passion's auto flowering strain Think Different proves once and for all HPS have become obsolete! 600 watts of LED outperforms 600 watts of HPS by 100+ grams!


    " LED Grow Lights Deliver Record-Breaking Medical Marijuana Yields

    LED Grow Lights Deliver Record-Breaking Medical Marijuana Yields Two new world-records set with LED Grow Lights by Hydro Grow. Dutch Passion Seed Company states, "We had never seen LED produce results anywhere near this good. LED has finally proven itself."

    Santa Clarita, CA (PRWEB) June 09, 2012

    Medical Marijuana has been a topic of controversy in the United States since California passed Prop 215 in 1996; however this controversy has now evolved into wide-spread adoption of Medical Marijuana laws with 17 states and Washington DC leading the movement.

    For generations indoor cultivators have relied on High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) grow lights to produce crops without sunlight, but there is a new technology entering mainstream that is breaking every record set by these technologies, and its name is LED.

    For the past three years LED Grow Lights from Hydro Grow have beaten down every record established by HPS and MH grow lights, as documented in hundreds of online grow journals and many YouTube journals. In 2011 Dutch Passion Seed Company announced: "The new world record for a single Auto Mazar has been broken, it now stands at a highly impressive 350 grams following a remarkable grow by Seymour Buds from the UK. This grow will make a lot of people realize how far LED light technology has come in the last couple of years. The 345 watt LED unit (from Hydro Grow) only draws 290W and the effect seems similar to 600W++ of HPS. I never knew LED’s were this effective."

    In a recent article written by Dutch Passion Seed Company in the May 2012 Issue of Soft Secrets Magazine, the company talks in further detail about the amazing results achieved with LED Grow Lights by Hydro Grow, announcing another world record the lights had achieved:

    "We were so impressed (with the Auto Mazar grow by Seymour Buds) we made him the first recipient of our new Think Different auto strain and he pulled a staggering 356 grams from a single AutoFem grown under a total of 600W of LED (two of the 300W panels) in just 75 days. Our interest, and that of many Think Different from Dutch Passion Seed Company Grown other observers, had been caught. We had never seen LED produce results anywhere near this good. LED has finally proven itself."

    Prior to grows performed with LED Grow Lights from Hydro Grow, the record yield for Autoflower strains from Dutch Passion was only 250 grams from a single and the effect seems similar to plant grown under a HPS grow light. Hydro Grow's 600W++ of HPS. I never knew LED technology was now over-driving these plants, LED’s were this effective. causing them to finish sooner, and yield 100 grams or more per plant compared to HPS. This is incredible news for the Medical Marijuana industry that has been waiting for a replacement for HPS due to inefficiencies like high power consumption, high heat output, and costly bulb replacements.

    LED Grow Lights eliminate the inefficiencies that have plagued the indoor growing community for decades. The quality models operate below 125° Fahrenheit compared to HPS bulbs at up to 650° F. This reduction in heat causes less water evaporation from the plants, conserving on water and nutrient consumption while eliminating the need for costly ventilation and/or air conditioning equipment in most instances. Now that Hydro Grow has enabled LED Grow Lights to out produce HPS, and has convinced companies like Dutch Passion Seed Company that LED technology is finally ready for mainstream, it's easy to see why tens of thousands have traded in their HPS for a LED Grow Light from Hydro Grow.

    About Hydro Grow: Hydro Grow is the leading developer of LED Grow Lights, with research and development offices in the US and China. Hydro Grow offers upgradeable technology built with the highest quality internal components, backed by a full 3-year warranty.

    To learn more about LED Grow Lights visit: hydrogrowled.com "

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I don't believe anything Dutch Passion claims
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    Kervork Well-Known Member

    Anyway, for the fucking price they better outperform. When I win the lottery the first thing I will do is switch to LED. Until then I'll take $300 worth of 1000 watt HID over $300 worth of LED.

    beenthere New Member

    IMO, if Hydrogrow LED's were as amazing as these claims say they are, we wouldn't have to be reading about in this article!

    ssj4jonathan Well-Known Member

    Dont forget the extra $150 for a blower and duct work, and another $300 for an portable AC unit, and a 3x higher electric bill per month, alternatively, you could stick to winter only grows and let nature cool your red hot bulb. $300 in leds will get you something that pulls 240 watts of power vs $300 of HPS which accounts for a 1000 watt mag ballast, a decent hood and a bulb. Why not invest your money wisely and buy 4x 300 watt led panels to match the wattage your willing to consume 12 hrs a day. When harvest comes around, all the extra money you spent on LEDs would be recovered by all the extra buds your plants would make. LEDs are just way more efficient at giving plants what they need, cant say the same for hps, most of its power comes in the form of IR, UV, green and yellow light most of which plants dont need.
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    onoff312 Member

    No shit it out performs per watt we already knew that. It costs to much though so the argument is irrelevant

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    odd, you'd think there would be some pictures in this thread to back the text. No way in hell is ANY LED gonna outperform an HPS, metal halide in veg possibly.
    You mention wasted power/spectrum of IR and UV yet the same LED panels you praise with IR and UV diodes in the mix.
    Also how bout penetration? good luck with ANY under LED.

    bb419 Member

    I favor LEDs myself, but no way will $300 of led outgrow the same in HID. True about the ducting and fans, true you are paying for less than 20% usable light.
    No, $300 won't get you 240 watts actual draw, I hope your not referring to the BS240.

    IMO you have to grow with leds differently, many small clones and using the distance the manufacturer specified. I hate when Led growers treat them like t5's and wonder why their plants are stunted.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I am going to buy some leds this fall and see how they flower..I know they can out veg a MH and I have never run AC in any grows...7-8 months out of the year temp is not an issue and when temp is an issue, I grow outdoors ...so forget the AC part of the argument ...but I agree the electrical draw is nice,
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    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    I disagree with the ducting and fan, I think it's a must for a decent grow regardless of the lighting, for the smell, but also to move fresh air in the room. Penetration wise, it's not that bad, it appeared like the HIDs give off more light under the canopy, but my popcorn buds were the same with HIDs or LEDs, pop corn bud is popcorn, unless you supplement you'll have some. I think growing big plants isnt the most effective way to grow considering time/power . 40 days vegging at 18-6 = 60 days flowering .

    So powerwise, I harvest twice growing small plants 12/12 from seeds while someone will harvest once growing big plants vegging for 40 days (power wise, not time wise...) 12/12 from seeds, the plants will still veg but I can start them in tiny container and put them in some corner of the flowering room, don't have to be in a separated room, it's like free to veg my plants.

    So, grow small plants, penetration won't be a problem, yield won't suffer.

    doest it make any sense ? it makes sense to me so that's how I roll now

    ssj4jonathan Well-Known Member

    Here's a video included in the article:


    And heres the picture also, LED1.jpg

    Kinda funny how HPS owners staunchly refute anything that makes their beloved 19th century technology look bad. Reminds me of the flat earth theory; so many ignorant people would have rather died than believe such a theory contrary to a flat world. Ironically the ones who were right paid the price by voicing the world was round. Like all new thoeries, the world has to be ready to open their minds (and wallets) to a theory in order for its practical applications to be researched and impemented. Therefore I suggest you acquaint yourself with the work done by Rasser, read his thread measuring PAR activity of LEDs and HPS lighting. If you are remotely familiar with rate of photosynthetic activity carried out by chlorophyll a, b and the carotenoids within leaves, you would understand why very little amounts of UV light is needed, and why even less IR radiation is needed. HPS lights bombard leaves with way too much of both types, and the vast majority of either wavelength is never absorbed by the plant to do work, insteaded other materials absorb this radiation which results in ncreased kenitics, i.e. thermal energy. And as for penetration, 3 and 5 watt diode chipsets and better lenses have pretty much solved that problem. Do your homework.


    bombasticson Active Member

    when you do mh and hps I dont think HID is that far behind LEDs..

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    have you seen any vertical grows that produce 1.5-2 grams per watt with MH/HPS ? I am not stubborn, the LEDS are the future..just not there quite yet.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I wish I knew how to pull up this guys grows on here...he pulls 46 ounces from a SINGLE 600 watt hps.

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Now THAT I would like to see .............can you give us more info to find this grow please?????

    forgetiwashere Well-Known Member

    i simply dont believe that the plants dont use all this light.. i grow cmh to get the full spectrum of colour and i can tell u i have seen a marked improvement in plant growth. the plants are stockier, happier, more robust and hardier. i actually found that sick plants put under cmh will recover quicker than plants under hps or mh.

    also i challenge you to put your led panels to the plant test. get a single plant and put it under 2 lights, an led panel on the left and a cmh on the right and i guarantee within a day the plant will be reaching for that cmh with every leaf it has.

    then tell me they dont respond to the full spectrum of light

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    hahahah 46 oz from 600W, try 30

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    jonathon ,thats wrong. Thats like saying an electric wheelchair can beat a ferrari.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I believe his name is heath robinson...he has some of the sickest grows you will ever see...lemme see what i can find

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    type in heaths flooded tube vertical...i don't know how to link..but it is impressive

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