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Got screwed by a dispensary yet again.. HELP!

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by skywalkaa, Jan 3, 2013.


    skywalkaa Member

    Hey guys I just hit up one of my local delivery services down in socal. I picked up 2 grams of what he called their "best concentrate, LSD honey comb wax" from what I've heard honey comb is acheived by a vacuum purge so I assumed it was the best purged one. I paid 50/g and I don't thonk its even purged let alone honeycomb. It's dark and super thick and filled with bubbles , its all one solid color by that I mean it doesn't look like it has swirls like I've seen from some other waxed on here that i thought looked nasty , golden when spread out but black when in a clump but just cakes with bubbles ive heard from different people that the bubbles are butane then others say its terpenes. I finally decided to try and purge it my self but as I was digging into it it all of a sudden cracked and some peices flew everyewhere so I don't wanna keep trying to pull it out because it will crack and oll lose even more . Any advice would be great I just got a new oil rig I wanna use. But after a dab or two I can't really tell if the taste / feeling on lungs is chemicals or simply just from the waxes and terpenes ? Is this even safe to smoke ill be posting a pic shortly ! Thanks !

    vacpurge New Member

    by the sounds of it it sounds decent, hard to tell without pictures.

    golden when spread out, but black/brown when in a giant glob sounds right, in most cases. ive made very blonde/golden oil, and put it into a vial... and it looks dark. take that glob and look at it through the sun, or another bright light and youll see that it probably has quite the golden color to it (if its done right, which im assuming it is if its from a dispensary.. not that ive ever bought from one before or even been in one. I wish!!!)

    and when you said you were digging into it and it shattered means means its like glass, which is good. heat it up just a tiny bit when its like that and get your hoot out when its still warm and easy to work with.

    the description of the bubbles makes you wonder though.

    its all hard to tell without very good pictures in good lighting.

    skywalkaa Member

    Sorry i ended up just trying to do the best purge possible with the materials I had at hand. It came out weird kinda like light penut butter. But it would have been good to start with if it wasn't completely filled with bubbles. You should've seen how many bubbles came up during the purge and they are trying to sell this as medicen.

    rollNfattys420 Well-Known Member

    Makes ya wonder doesn't it... well sounds like you got it all figured out/set... happy dabbin' !

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    The first bubbles to leave will be irregular sized butane bubbles, followed by fine equally sized fizzy bubbles that are CO2 from decarboxylation and lighter terpenes. For best flavor and highest retained carboxylic acid, you would stop purging when the solvent is gone and before the oil is decarboxylated.

    That it is still shatter is a dead giveaway that the oil is still mostly carboxylic acid, so fine fizzy bubbles don't necesarily mean a bad purge. You can taste butane at about 10% of the levels of health concern, so the best test of your oil is to taste it. If it is smooth, and doesn't taste like butane when you exhale, you are probably good to go.

    Another good test is to put a small amount on a wire and stick it in a flame. It should burn cleanly, without flares, sparkles, or sputter.

    EzExtractions Active Member

    would love to see a pic of the oil , but sounds like it was kinda harsh

    biglungs Active Member

    u got screwed????u screwed up dont buy shit without looking at it thoroughly first

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