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got a employer drug test! 5 days! best ways to get clean?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by element2k10, Feb 13, 2011.


    element2k10 Well-Known Member

    hry guys im applyibg for à job that requires à drug test thé test ie 5 dayss from now what can i usé to clean me out in time so im clean no tricks just clean pee i dont need to fail because of dillution plus rep for anyone who has any tips i plan on excercieing and gong to à sauna excercising and taking niacin and detox formulas. thx guys just for thé record i am à Michigan médical marijuana patient

    420God Well-Known Member

    Redbull and Niacin like you mentioned. Best thing you can do is try and metabolize the THC out of your fat cells.

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    Take a detox kit, drink lots of water, work out and sweat. Then pray for a pass. Do not drink too much water or it will be too diluted and counts as a fail as well.Best bet is a good detox kit. Good Luck!

    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    Almost any party store, and the vast majority of smoke/head shops carry a product called Ready Clean. I have used this for years and it works great. It runs about $25 a bottle but works in about an hour if you follow the directions. I've used this for jobs and for probation and have never failed a UA. I'm in Michigan too so I know it is available almost anywhere. Good thing about this stuff too is, it doesn't come up as diluted or as a blocker, so it works no matter how stringent the test is. Good luck.

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    Well in my experience......

    I do use detox drinks. I have paid $65.00 for them and failed for great job opportunities. I now use quick fix or golden shower enhancement(not what it sounds like LOL) these are synthetic pee solutions. Easy to heat, easy to use. I have passed 6 drug test with these and have 2 on hand at any given moment, They are $35.30 here and worth every penny.

    If you want to sweat it out.... Sex under multiple comforters, multiple times a day will do the trick ;)

    Good luck on the job.

    p.s. usually smoke shops carry quick fix.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    damn doc green thumb beat me to it.. i use quick fix and a whizzanator for my ua's.. not for a job or court though, just some ua i have to take about once a month or so.. works killer, never had a problem.. the nice thing about job ua's is that they aren't monitored, so no need for the whizzanator, just the quick fix.. it runs about $30 for the 3 oz size, which is what i use... just follow the directions on the back and you'll have no issues..
    imho all of those detox drinks are way too risky.. why take the chance? buy fake piss and you'll pass everytime..

    iPACKEDthisBOWL4TWO Well-Known Member

    I just had to take a test for FedEx and I bought the synthetic urine.... easy to use and passed the test.

    element2k10 Well-Known Member

    dude u guys qrr fucking greqt wquick ass repliés im 5 11. 140 pounds ill try all the above ty keep posting
    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    synthetic urine is the way to go.

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    I was 5'11" about 140-145 lbs. at the time I used detox drink. It was rated 180 lbs. and above it cost more than the others they had. I followed directions and still failed. I use the synthetic now have had zero fails it's easy you don't even have to pee or quit smoking for any period of time :)

    jeeba Well-Known Member

    someone clean piss and a hand warmer :) fool proof.

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    lol yea. I use the synthetic and it comes with a hand warmer.

    element2k10 Well-Known Member

    where do i buy synthetic pee from at à good price and How do i get it hé rite temp any good websites

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    I will sell you mine lol but yea. do a search google.com for quick fix or golden shower enhancement synthetic unisex pee. It comes with instructions and a hand warmer. I microwave mine for ten seconds(lay it on the side without the temperature strip) then activate your hand warmer and rubber band it on there with the band supplied or use your girls hair ties. Where you place it on you is your preference. Personally for a job i just stick it in my pocket. They ask you to empty your pockets. I do except for the pee. It's a job they are not going to pat you down or anything. I usually blaze before I go in especially if the test is a good drive away.

    It's fool proof. Do it once and you will know how easy it is and error free.

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    I quoted wrong price earlier lol it's $30.35 found a receipt I buy at a smoke shop/head shop I'm sure their may be one near you.


    I couldn't find anything on the golden shower enhancement except piss drinkin sluts LOL

    Anyway it's the same thing as quick fix but you get an extra fluid ounce of it for the exact same price at my head shop. I currently have 1 box/bottle of each on hand. It's the way to go if you don't want to be hoping/praying you passed and just know.

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    Don't waste you're money on cleaners they don't really work and god knows what you're drinking. Just go buy some fake piss. It really does work.

    WvMade Well-Known Member

    Go to walmart and find AZO's its for UTI's "urinary tract infection" it's pretty cool friend burnt the fuck down 2 days before drug test got the azo's followed directions and pissed clean simple to do all u gotta do is piss. no setin there all red burnin the fuck up for no reason like niacin does ya your piss just turns colors a few times thats it....

    choop Well-Known Member

    DO NOT go to the sauna for at least 2 days before ur test it will come back diluted. i was in a court mandated rehab bullshit thing like 3 years ago and i did the sauna but it was just diluting my tests because you sweat all the vitamins and everything out of your body replacing it with pure water when you drink sitting in there. trust me on this one

    supermoto Active Member

    Im about the same hight and weight as you and I passed a piss test that I knew about four days before by drinking as much water as I possibly could and wrapping myself in blankets to sweat it all out. It worked and I am a heavy smoker.

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