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Gorilla Glass

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by professorkush, Jun 28, 2012.


    professorkush Member

    Is anyone making bongs made out of the super strong Corning Gorilla glass?
    I know there was a company named gorilla glass but i don't think their pieces were made of Corning Gorilla glass.
    Is it possible/safe to smoke through the glass?
    there is a shop local to me that custom blows pieces but i think they start @ around $800 for a bubbler

    SunnyHours Active Member

    I doubt Gorilla Glass bongs exist...mostly because it's the shape of the glass that makes it's strength...it's also not just glass

    professorkush Member

    thanks for the reply i just google it :dunce: it goes through a hardening process

    "The glass is toughened by ion exchange. It is placed in a hot bath of molten potassium salt , Smaller sodium ions leave the glass, and larger potassium ions from the salt bath replace them. These larger ions take up more room and are pressed together when the glass cools, producing a layer of compressive stress on the surface of the glass. Gorilla Glass's special composition enables the potassium ions to diffuse far into the surface, creating high compressive stress deep into the glass. This layer of compression creates a surface that is more resistant to damage from everyday use. Like all glass, Gorilla Glass can be recycled." :sad:
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    Kush70 Well-Known Member

    I happen to live close to Corning Glass Works - and frequent various shops in the area . There are bongs and glass pipes made out of it around .. just straight up pyrex as well..

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    Do they still sound the horn for all to hear so to let people know it's time to come to work?
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    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    Got butterfingers or just wanna try something new?

    Inthestarrysky New Member

    I don't have butterfingers but I've broken a few knocked once when placed on ground (bad idea) but it was outside.

    I just want a strong one that you don't have to worry about someone possibly breaking.

    Ganju Well-Known Member

    i had a guy at the head shop a month ago trying to show one off and he shattered the glass under him took out two shelf's and broke 6 pipes i looked at him and said ill take it bongsmilie

    i bet when i go in there next time it will be setup with plexiglass glass or somthing lol
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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha are you fucking serious that is hilarious! I love that hahaha!

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