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GOOD vs BAD weed??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by bigmightymike24, Jun 23, 2008.


    bigmightymike24 Active Member

    How can you tell what weed is very good from the very bad???

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Smoke it. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    RDC4687 Active Member

    sooo many answers to this question...
    1. Is is actually bud? ie sinsemilla - meaning "without seed" your bud should not have any seeds in it- although 1-3 seeds in an 1/8th wont kill you...
    2. Does it have lots of resin? is it covered in crystals? the sticky, grains that should cover the tiny leaves on the bud. this is where the THC is at and this is the real defining point for good or bad bud.
    3. Does it have orange hairs? These are often a sign of good bud
    4. How does it smoke? it will take some practice- but if you can tell if its a head high or a body high, or a combo...

    many more reasons...

    donkeyballs Well-Known Member

    wat ever one makes you feel better. and wich ever you wanna pack another bowl with.

    darkarms Well-Known Member

    smoking it is the best way. I would try to help you but i really suck at explaining. ill try and find some pics of bad and good buds.

    But keep in mind that good looking buds could be full of chemicals because the commercial growers are lazy as shit. Alot of the time the buds are pre mature as well. So smoking is truly the best way to tell.

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    You can't go by that because of genetics. There is dank I have steamed before with hardly any resin visible and it had me staring at the wall! I have smoked buds b4 with pink hairs that was resined up like dew was on it and i've smoked better regy than that. It's all in the genes. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    darkarms Well-Known Member

    nvm guess i don't have to get pics now he explained it better then i would have in a million years.

    smokeychemist Active Member

    Smoke it. The good weed gets u high.

    darkarms Well-Known Member

    Yah but for the most part the ones with more THC and mature looking bud gives the better high. I'm assuming he asked the question because he wants to know what to look for on the street before he buys, and most of the dealers i know don't let you test smoke.

    I remember when i first started buying a gram but i get .4 water and .6 of weed thats never fun neither. being a noob for the loss.

    RDC4687 Active Member

    stay away from brick weed... anything that has been really compressed is usually a sign of commercial growing which is usually crap weed.

    smokeychemist Active Member

    ask for chronic :hump:
    do people still call it that?

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! Keep Smoke Alive!!

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    If you're buying off the street,people always say i got that chronic! I think people use the word"chronic" just to pertain to weed and not quality nowadayz. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    cannabitch Well-Known Member

    by the price. haha

    smokeychemist Active Member

    if the bud sticks to your window

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Smell it.
    Really stinky cannabis tends to be better.

    Oh and if it's white with THC you've got a winner.

    IMHO ;)

    mattao21 Well-Known Member

    i can usually (95% of the time) tell if it's good bud but the amount of hairs, the smell (does it make you go woooooo) the stickiness of the bud....thats by eye.

    by smoke, it has to be smooth but while blowing out makes you give out a good cough, the time it takes to hit you and then how long the hit will last...i find a good bud will keep me stoned for a good hour after just 1-2 cones.

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