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Good strains for Sea of Green

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by fine, Jan 23, 2010.


    fine Member

    I am starting a SOG grow and I was looking for recommendations on the best strains for this type of method. Thanks.

    razoredge Well-Known Member

    I like to use pineapple and hog, I have used green crack and grape ape before, but if your looking for a higher yield I would go with the pineapple and grape ape
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    ^if you have access to clone only strains i guess


    upnorth2505 New Member

    You may want to consider some of the autoflowering strains. For expample Auto AK47 from Lowlife seeeds. Has a reputation of high yield and potency (for this type of plant).

    However, being an autoflower, you cant really clone it. So either you breed for seed, or buy seed for every batch. Hope this helps. :-P:leaf:

    fine Member

    I don't have any access to clones. Yet.

    The autoflowering variety doesn't sound very suited to SOG as you can't clone it. I am looking at setting up an nice clone box.

    I was however gifted with some nice Hash Plant seeds as well as some Bomb Pop seeds.

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