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Good strain for euphoric/giggly/energetic high?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by DrGreenThumb, Dec 17, 2008.


    DrGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    Am trying to find a good strain that will give me a good laugh and feel good effect, it must also taste pretty darn good and not grow too tall if possible (1m max).
    I have grown many strains but none of them have lived upto what i wanted yet.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    buggs bunny

    buggs bunny Well-Known Member

    White Whidow works for me

    REEFS Well-Known Member

    You might want to try a Haze hybrid, as Haze has one of the most up highs you can get.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    D.J. Shorts BLUEBERRY!!!!!

    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    "Arjan's Haze #3 has a very woody sativa flavor, a taste of musk and campfires. Underneath is a scent of mint and lemon grass. This haze delivers a potent high with the qualities that most haze fans seek: a soaring clear-headed sensation that is never too heavy on thebody. This high creeps up slowly, but once its effects are felt, they stick around for a long while. It is a terriffic strain for creative moods and for the euphoria it can contribute to recreational activities. Anecdotally, it has been promising for chronic pain."

    i can totally attest to this. you get the giggles too, not so much because everything is funny (which it usually is heh), but your mind is working so fast, you typically make extremely funny observational jokes.

    the description says the high "creeps up." this could not be more correct. i was super pissed when i first took a few hits of this. i didnt get that immediate high feeling, thought it didnt work, and then went driving to run errands. 10 minutes into the drive, i was so fucking high and didnt even know it. i was speeding by about 10 mph because everything looked like it was going by so feckin' slow. and doing brownies with your trim has to be one of the most enjoyable, euphoric times you can have.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Big Laughing

    Product Code-

    Highly potent
    Mold resistant
    High flower to leaf ratio
    Large yield


    Potency: 4¼ out of 5
    Bouquet: Earthy, piney
    Taste: Hashy

    INDICA Dominant
    Indoor Growth
    Outdoor Growth
    Cutting height
    24" to 30"þ
    Plant Height
    3' to 6'
    Yield (g/m²)
    350 to 450 g
    300 to 500 g
    55 Days
    Potency Key: Strains like
    AK-47 or White Widow would
    have a rating of 4 out of 5
    Frost Resistance-
    Frost Resistance-
    þWhen flowered at a cutting height of 12"



    I'm growing

    Strawberry Cough
    Big Laughing
    Kali Mist

    For pretty much what you're looking for. And yes, from experience I can tell you that Big Laughing really does produce fits of laughter.




    DrGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all of you for the help, now i have options! Merry Christmas all!

    Mounti Member

    Please Help!

    I corresponded with banks , because I am looking for the

    best , strongest uncontrollable hysterical
    giggle laughter effect, [​IMG] [​IMG]
    what seeds the best?

    A psychedelic high.

    A giggling high.

    A social, chatty high.

    1.ACE Seeds-Tical
    Guatemala sativa X Kush Haze.
    75% sativa / 25% indica

    2.Buddha seeds-Pulsar
    20% Indica 80% Sativa

    3.World of Seeds Feminised-High Tension,
    30% Indica / 70% sativa Race: Colombian
    The effect is described high energetic, uplifting and giggly.

    or Strawberry Blue Feminised
    Mostly sativa (75%)
    Strawberry Blue gives you mild body, yet strong cerebral high.

    4.Kiwi Seeds-White Island
    75% Sativa / 25% Indica
    Genetics: Skunk x Sativa
    Australian, New Zealand / Bay of Plenty x Kiwiskunk F1
    spicy sativa tastes

    5.Eva Female Seeds-Jamaican Dream
    Mostly indica,It produces a strong effect, happily sativa, very active.

    6.Sweet Seeds-Smile
    Genetics : Sativa

    7.Sensi Seeds-Skunk Kush
    Type:Indica, Genetics:Hindu Kush x Skunk #1
    The effects are a warm body centered stoned feeling.

    8.Dutch Passion-Strawberry Cough
    80% Sativa
    Strawberry has an 'up high' effect of medium THC –strength – just perfect.

    9.GHS-Arjan's Haze 2

    TsmokeTrain Well-Known Member

    i got really good effect with so called White Widdow from Spliff seeds, mixed with haze. (unfortunatly i wouldnt know what type of haze since the coffee shop didnt tell, but imma ask soon. but mostly it has to do with your mind state, you aint gonna feel any better smoking ww/haze being a bummy fuck walking n stalking the streets, in my experience

    drolove Well-Known Member

    white widow is a uppy, energetic, social high. i like it
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    Agent orange/ Pandora's Box both gave me alot of euphoria and giggles, especially the agent orange.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    I hear Subcool's stuff mention a lot regarding "up" strains but I stay away since I need feminized and he doesn't do them. I'd look for something with Blueberry in it or just go with the original D.J. Short's Blueberry or True Blue.......

    althor Well-Known Member

    I see the question asked alot and I have never seen a hands down.. this will make you laugh your ass off, kind of answer.

    Sometimes I laugh my ass off at stuff that isnt really that funny. Sometimes I dont. I think it has alot more to do with your mood than it does a particular strain. Seems once I start laughing then I find everything funny. My last batch was all males to pick out a father, my current batch are mothers that I hit with pollen from 2 fathers. So I have been smoking the same stuff for about 6 months now, so it isnt a change in the strain. I can break a bud and roll a J and zone out. The next night I can roll a J from the same bud, turn on the tv and see something funny and I am laughing until my sides hurt.

    I think mood plays alot more into MJ making you laugh than the strain itself. I could be wrong, but thats my over 30 years of smoking experiences.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    C99 can grow under 3' if you flower it early and is a nice clear headed motivational buzz. A11 is supposed to be mellower and trippier. both are strains that finish in under 60 days.

    i need to do more testing next fall, but i'm really liking sativa trans-love for having at least an authentic average fruity haze buzz, but also budding profusely as soon as you flip it with a more neutral and mildly trippy buzz. i'm sure, but i think it's around a 9 week strain. all i know is it's the most cash cropping acting bud i've tried that gets me high. DNA's sweet haze is super high quality with better than average psychoactivity and lots of sticky resin, but it's a bit of a stretcher and probably best suited for SCROGging

    jack's cleaner 2 though is a REALLY awesome high. it's a 9 week strain that's nice and trippy. it has that nice warm euphoric glow you get from a nice trippy high along with a "weird" touchy feely aspect that has to make sex unbelievable as it made imagine invisible tie dye ripples of color when i stroked my chest or legs. made me laugh good just for the effect. it's worth a little fussiness to me for that totally fun buzz.

    on a more clear headed and motivational front, high quality seeds' slower growing haze x skunk is at least mildly trippy with super nice motivational potency that's long lasting and doesn't turn pure stony like skunk #1 or even columbian gold can.

    i REALLY love 8 miles high. it's another slower sativa, but it just has a really fun mellow buzz that's happy to do whatever without making you racy and paranoid or stoned either. energy effects are non-existent in a very classy way. it's like a "super clean buzz" that's just about having fun. it made me feel like i had precise body control not totally unlike the light floaty feeling you'd get off columbian gold where it felt like your entire body is just one big helium balloon. i can't wait for it to return next year. it doesn't wow you in any way other than just getting you high without any drama or overdoing it. i like JC2 & haze skunk more for their stronger effects, but might be inclined to chose 8mh as a desert island strain

    going to the stoner side of THC profiles most people that smoke jilly bean love it

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