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good portable AC?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by srryan2, Jun 28, 2010.


    srryan2 Well-Known Member

    what are some good portable ac?s

    srryan2 Well-Known Member

    bump for people who grow in hot placese

    Lightguy420 Well-Known Member

    well i grow in an area right now where it is getting over 100 degrees already... I haven;t had to resort to an A/C just yet because i do have my room exhausting heat into the attic so that def helps, but i know others that grow in the same conditions and they bought just a stand up portable a/c unit from like Home Depot or something... Just have to make sure you have a plca to ehaust the heat because it did give off a lot of heat but if you have aplace you can duct that out you will be cool as hell... the other thing i was recently looking into was the portable evaporative coolers... i know nothing about those so if someone else stops by and knows something about them please let me and srryan2 know... hope that helps bro.

    zer0ed Active Member


    Jriggs Well-Known Member

    Be ready to go through 1 every 3 years thats my normal time.. I grow ina grow tent in a shed in direct sun -- so my shit is always on, I even need it in winter diring ht eon cycle.

    I recomend gettign one that you can also control without a remote, Im jsut glad mine came with 2 remotes, the batteries in the old one coroded because of my clumsiness of spilling water and not wiping it up.

    I usually jsut go with whatever walmart model is on sale and that has a drain for the evaporated water.

    Ive also had luck picking up portable ac units on craigs list for around 100 (compared to 400-500)

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