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Good low odor indoor strain?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by garrett66, Feb 13, 2009.


    garrett66 Active Member

    hey everyone, thanks for reading my post. This year i am growing 3 plants in my house in a big file cabinet...... I needed to know a couple of things like:
    1.What are some lower odor strains for indoor growing?
    2. Would it be in my best interest to buy a carbon scrubber?If not what are some other ways to fight odor?
    3.What is the optimal hours of light i should give the plants before switching to 12/12?

    I appreciate all of the help! ive been searching and searching and i have come up with a definitive answer for my questions.....I'm shore you people can help me out, thanks a lot for the help!

    aknight3 Moderator

    1. northern lights, c99, master kush ive heard never tried 2. yes other ways are one of those ionic pros work nice with some good febreeze, but it will still smell like weed lol 3. either 24 hrs a day or 18 and 6
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    lol @ masterkush is odorless
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    ona gel broheim, or a fan with carbon filter, or both

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    i found the big bud don't start stinkin till the last week or so

    Woomeister Well-Known Member

    Northern lights is good for less smell.

    splitscreen Active Member

    kush stinks. it all stinks in my past experiances. weed smells of weed lol. but ive been looking into this as i need low odor strains to.

    everyone says northernlights. but some say its musky, which i belive. ive grown shiva skunk which was kind of low odor, pine'e musky smell at the end. shiva skunk, is northernlights x skunk

    nirvana blue mystic is suposed to be low odor or neutral odor, is what they say and simular to northern lights. also sensi say shiva shanti 1 is relativly low odor, but also contradict them selves and say its got a penatrating odor

    id say yeah use a carbon filter, stops the smell creeping about so much, and you wont smell weed getting blown out your outlet with the carbon filter, smells clean.

    im leaning towards northernlights. if you search lo odor strains, its always northenlights so

    Fievel4 Active Member

    I have 2 northern lights ladies in week 5 of flowering right now and I can't smell a thing. Only if you harass the plant does it give off a noticeable odor.

    fivestarz Member

    The most important thing to know is anything crossed with Skunk will smell alut. I would not use any skunk strains, use a carbon filder or a good Ona Block will do the job for shure and it's cheap, safe and it works.

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    You're simply gonna have to use a carbon filter on a good centrifical fan to be able to control smell....I even dump my drying chamber exhaust into the area controled by a scrubber....then a simple glade spray or air-wick does just fine....

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    There is no such thing as a "low order strain". There are strains that smell more than others.

    I have had a single plant smell up my grow space to another plant of the same pheno not smell at all.

    My point is, its a gamble and the only way to win the bet is to invest in odor control.

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    Nirvana blue mystic 37 days 12/12. 1 carbon scrubber NO ODOR.

    chronicallyDank Active Member

    Pandora's Box was a great low odor strain for me.

    chkyr6 Member

    stick to the mantra about not speaking at the bottom of your reply.....Grow Polar Express, if you want to get a whiff you have to put your face on it and suck hard...

    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    forget that whole ,no such thing as low odour .there definitly is low odour strains out there.

    i know because i'm doing female seeds c99 and am half way through flowering and no smell ..i mean none.. not even an airfreshener needed,not just me though everyone who has been following my journal whos grown it says the same.and it's supposed to be AAA+++ smoke.

    Turm Active Member

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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    you want my advice go with female seeds.c99

    really low odour
    52 days of flowering
    meaning you could get this plant finished in less than 2 months if you wanted.
    a high that everyone raves about.

    how can you go wrong .I say read some c99 smoke reports and journals.this is my first grow with it and i'm in love.beautiful plant and oh so friendly for the stealth grower.
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    growone Well-Known Member

    what KuLong said, pheno's can fuck you
    some strains may be consistent, but most seem to vary from plant to plant
    #1 - get your temps down as low as possible, keep it down to low 70's and smell will much less

    HeartlandHank Well-Known Member

    C99, nl, g13 .

    c99 and g13 are going to be pretty consistently low odor. NL varies from plant to plant. You can select a low odor mother, but you might go through a stinky plant or two to find it.

    I would go with c99.. mine smelt like lemon soap.

    kagecog Well-Known Member

    Auto northern lights is the perfect choice for you! You won't have to switch the light cycle for it, it hardly smells at all, and it's a pretty compact plant.

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