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good info/pics. Phos, cal, mag, nit, deficiency?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by carr0t, Jan 13, 2010.


    carr0t Well-Known Member

    happy frog.

    Mainly r/o water. about 6 weeks into veg from clone... sativa dom strains. sour diesle, casey jones.

    400 w mh. in a 8x8 dark room.

    in 2 gallon maybe 3 glln square pots.

    i have some rhizotonic, cannazyme, pureblend pro grow, cal mag, liquid karma.

    i have been sticking with mainly R/o water late watering 1 time per 24/48 hours.

    trying to keep the medium thoroughly moist without letting it get too dry or wet. platns are above knee hieght almost waist height.

    the leaves are showing lack of K. but i think it might be caused by cal or mag deficiency. i dont want to start dumping chemicals if nothing is wrong and more just need be applyd.

    carr0t Well-Known Member

    here lets c if ican get the pics up

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    carr0t Well-Known Member

    bump this thread

    carr0t Well-Known Member

    bump to the top..

    carr0t Well-Known Member

    can anyone help?

    patlpp New Member

    Can't pinpoint what it might be but I about shit when I saw that fingernail. You must have screamed like a little girl. It hurts just looking at it. What the hell happened?

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    Well the one thing you did not include is what is your PH?

    normally PH is not a big deal but a few of your pics indicate PH problems

    the def's look like P & K more than anything else

    But I'm wondering if your not just having a nute lockout due to PH???

    deoss69 Active Member

    could be nute lock out if the ph is up or down and yeah looks more like the p and k are the culprit gl

    carr0t Well-Known Member

    i remember from a wise man who once said on these message boards; if u cant tell whats goin on below the surface of the soil... LOOK.

    i did so and i think i found my problem..... Organics being a bitch. uneven watering. Switching to smart pots and flooding from the bottom up except when flushing.

    This is a HARD one to diagnose.. Some roots are constantly too wet while others constantly too dry and not enough of the just right mixture.

    This kinda shit makes me sick to my stomach cuz i now i have 60plants that need to be waterd from bottom up until i get them evenly moist and functioning. This can also cause the ph problems you mention which will lock out nutrients and therefore any added nutes should only serve to exasterbate my problem. but we will see. my goal is to keep em goin as is for another week or 2, which is rough. as iwhen i took those pictures they were waist height, now neafring shoulder height.. and i already plan 1-2 more cuttings before i can get them into bigger pots and into their new and about to be constructed amazing 10kwatt/10lamp 400sqft warehouse. Just waiting for the weather to clear.. looks like 7-10 day. 4 more storms to embrace off the pacific. I wanted to be in by now.


    i might have to make do qith some other option... i might trying running my R/o water to a long tube up my stair, to fill a big container and dunk my plants in there after i transplant them to a 3 glln smart pot.

    And should i need to drain the water i have gravity to work for me... just get a litte water moving and itll all drain.

    indoor growing is SOOOO much more frisky than outdoor. stick a plant in the fuckin ground and walk away, come back in the fall. Gotta secure my future at some point.. gotta go big now. obama turnin his head and prosecutor across the nation are having trouble convincing jurys anymore.

    enjoy my rant.. u can learn good stuff.
    robert frost

    robert frost Member

    Having something like this also, looks like mag def. but running co2 and reg went bad put 20 lb into 500 cf space in 5 days, imagine ppm was 5000 or more could that do it? also uneven water, taking ad. from Toker water bottom up, anyway any idea's? thanks

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