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Good day fellow hobbists

Discussion in 'Aussie Patients' started by Baited breath, Nov 26, 2013.

    Baited breath

    Baited breath Member

    Gday fellow Aussies

    I just stumbled on this thread..glad to see that Bunnings are keeping us all in high powered CFLs!

    Ive got a crop on the go which you are all welcome to have a look at & comment

    Cheers BB
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    Baited breath

    Baited breath Member

    Friendly bunch. LOL. I am not a narc. C'mon fellas dont be shy.

    echelon1k1 New Member

    Welcome to the board.... Some of us aussies are a little shy but we don't bite. Your seedlings are looking good, just a question as to the CFLs you're running; what's the brand and wattage?

    Can I assume from your handle you're a Shakespeare fan?

    LetsGetCritical Well-Known Member

    sup bro, welcome .lgc
    Baited breath

    Baited breath Member

    Gday Echelon...Nelson 48 watters. From Bunnings Whorehouse. They are very good. They run a wee bit hot but they pump out an incredible amount of lumens for $16. 4 of them puts you well over the 10000 lumen mark. Not a Shakey fan per se but I liked the quote. Cheers

    Prince4118 Well-Known Member

    I know old post but the biggest I can find is 23 watt at my local bunnings

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Nelson's aren't stocked by bunnings any more. I tried to special order them the other day and was advised they aren't made any more. Only bigger ons I can find are on eBay and they are 45w.
    Oh and welcome to the board mate :)

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