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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by 420ganja420, Apr 18, 2009.


    420ganja420 Well-Known Member

    Selection: Not that bad of a selection. There were some ones I had never heard of and ones I have and some that blew my mind reading about. While it is a collection of seeds from various suppliers, they do have their own selection of special seeds which I assume they grow and sell themselves. It's a nice selection but I have seen others with lists twice as big and less confusing to go through.


    Price: They are a British site so their prices are marked as GBP (Great British Pounds I think it's called :?) but they do include a converter on the buying index to convert to USD and Euros. I like their prices. Some are a little high but its quality seeds no doubt. I would rather pay a little extra knowing my seeds are going to come out fresh and as described and that's exactly what they do.


    Service: I paid online via Paypal (which I LOVE that they except) but it does require you waiting for them to send you an invoice for the money marked as exchange for goods or something along those lines. No biggy, they usually send you an invoice the next business day.
    They stayed in contact with me through the entire process and even requested I tell them the seeds arrived safely and they even asked me to write a review for the strain and their company if I could. Extremely friendly service and if I need something new, I will definitely go back to them.


    Stealth Rating: Very discrete and well thought out way of sending seeds through air mail. I like the way they do their business.


    Would you order from the same bank again: Yes I most definitely would!

    Other Comments: The sending/receives was pretty fast. It took 8 or 9 days (can't keep track of the days lol) to get in my mailbox and I'm on the south side of the USA. They are a very caring and trustworthy company. They offer amazing products and sometimes really nice specials. I ended up getting a package known as "A Complete Wreck" which included 15 seeds (5 each of Purple Wreck, Cheese Wreck, and Frost Wreck). I can't wait to begin growing these. If I ever need another seed (which I'm sure I will) they will definitely be getting my business again.


    oldbongwater Active Member

    i have been using them for the last 4 or 5 years and they are first rate, and Gene is a great person... i recommend them highly

    shabedue Member

    Thanks guys, I'm just looking at making my first order and was a bit worried about getting ripped off. Now that I know they're legit I'm probably going to get the 16 purple-wreck with 10 free lowryder 2 combo. Any experience with either or suggestions (this is going to be my first year and I'm going guerrilla.) :weed:

    Nevermind123 Member

    Gene is top person full respect & cred!

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