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Goji og,is it real og kush?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Bxgrower81, May 10, 2013.


    Bxgrower81 Well-Known Member

    I've been reading about this for over a year it say it's a Nepali og x snow lotus, then I see it says it's Nepali kush crossed with snow lotus, his description of the strain makes no sense flavor and smell wise,he describes fruit but most og's have a fuel like smell to them, he does the same thing with his ancient og, I personally don't think any of them have any og kush in them, it seems like the are just true kushes and not og's and he just adds og at the end for the hype because they sell better than sayin that you have a landrace like a afghan kush,Hindu kush, or as he says a kush from Nepal, they descriptions just don't add up.
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    Bxgrower81 Well-Known Member

    I'm not tryin to say they suck,it may be good,but I don't believe that they are Og's at all
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    Fresh 2 De@th

    Fresh 2 [email protected] Well-Known Member

    yeah, i would have to agree. don't get me wrong, it has og in it, but from what i've seen, heard and experienced myself, i would have to say the only thing og about it is the og in the name.

    just to be clear, B has access to pretty much anything out there, so i'd highly doubt that he didn't use an og in the x. however, the male that's used in the cross is stronger than what most think, and passes on more than what's stated in the descriptions.

    ClassicHikone Active Member

    I'm hoping to find out in about 6 -8 weeks. Got some going now. Took off really slow but I think it was because of grower error...

    Bxgrower81 Well-Known Member

    Thanks fresh,I was pretty sure he had access to many top strains,I see that a lot of people give him a big endorsement,I'm sure it's pretty good and all,just wanted to see how much like og it was,it's not really important as long as its some good herb,thanks again for your opinion and to anyone else who has anything else to add

    kgp Well-Known Member

    I heard nepali og was the original. A cut went to lake tahoe and was re named tahoe og. I agree about the description, doesnt sound like how I would describe the smell of my og. I have 2 freebie seeds. I am going to run them with my chem91, day breaker (chemd x og), and face-off og on the next go around.

    FrostFarm Member

    Bodhi has some great gear. Regardless of the name or genetic make up, it'll be some top notch smoke and you'll have no regrets.

    All the best,
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    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I recently came across a cut of this and it did not resemble a Kush but this was only one pheno and it was in veg so I can not even fully evaluate it but I must note there were no Kush traits presentable . I ll get a cut of it asap and run the bitch to its optimal potential

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Kush as in Hindu Kush? Indica, short and stout? I guess the question is more of if its an OG? Hybrid, stretchy, tastes like fuely goodness, not affie, paki, kush taste.

    kgp Well-Known Member

    I hate the word kush. Young kids call any good weed kush. The people who made OG's named it kush, which was wrong, being its a sativa dominant strain. A kush is a straight indica plant with no stretch from the Hindu region in Pakistan.

    The word kush can be misleading. It can mean just about anything depending on whose talking about it.

    Bxgrower81 Well-Known Member

    Yea I was wondering if it was the og kush as in fuely smells,kind of figured it wasn't and that it's some kind of Nepalese hash plant or something,I guess he through in og at the end because that what the mass majority of buyers would want,probably still some fire though

    mrueeda Well-Known Member

    I've smoked the real ogs...and ive smoked, grown and i'm courrently growing Bodhi's goji...My take on this strain is that it's not the one to look at for pure ogness, BUT if you grow a whole pack you have some undeniably good chances to find one og dom plant, the fact is that the fruity phenos are much more interesting and higher yielders...My keeper goji has a lot of og in it, but smell and taste are mixed with some kind of dark berry...if you want a pure og look at other strains, but if you are looking for some fruity og mix with good yield and kickass potency this is the strain for you..
    bo fli 7000

    bo fli 7000 Active Member

    Did goji og wasn't bad but not what I expected for an og

    sourpuss New Member

    Ogs r supposed to b fruity lemon citrus, berry....

    Clankie Well-Known Member

    there are definitely og dom phenos in there. my keeper is a pure red-berry pinesol mindfucker. unique and tasty.

    sonomascomaaroma Member

    Nepali og is one of the original chendawg crosses. AN indica dominate cross actually has been known in ca as og fire since 1997. It was originally bred by the chemfather in northern california. Pretty much the best og i have ever had always tests between 27 and 33 percent and yeilds 2.8 per 1k. Wonderful strain. Also snow lotus is pretty fire.... i really like the cross with it called elephantizer relaxer. Wonderful.

    mrueeda Well-Known Member

    It would be reeeally nice if you could post some pics or more infos on this strain as there is really nothing on the net except your post and bodhi's description...So is it the same as the fire cut ??

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    My goji og has the typical lankyness and stretch of other "ogs" I've grown before. Most people seem to take the name og and think of that lemony pinesole fuel smell. Really should just be referred to as a structurally kush plant. My lone girl from the freebie is very typical of the ogs I've grown.

    With regard to the smell, it's nothing like other ogs. Mine has a very berry smell, easily an identifiable smell. On top of that she isnt the biggest yielder either, devloping the more golfball like nugs I've experienced growing other ogs. I must say the resin output and high are outta this world. Even stopped cloning other ogs (kosher kush, OG18, OGK) as they simply can't hold a candle to her trichome production, unique smell, and devastating high.

    Certainly going to pick up a pack and run some more. Would like to f2 and dig into this gene pool further. Plus would like to find a better yeilder while maintaining the aspects I like. Bodhi's gear is pretty unique in both offerings and quality. Haven't experienced a breeder I'd rather be running.

    bottletoke Well-Known Member

    my keeper goji has an arm and a leg. when your smoking it the arm will give you a hook in the head that'll leave you spinning, once your done the leg will dropkick you then boot ya in the nuts till you stop smelling berries and stop caring if its an og or not.

    be careful, goji doesnt fuck around!

    kgp Well-Known Member

    Most people who like the OG's, do so for its taste and smell. Lemon fuel with a little pine. No berry, fruity, hazeT smell or taste Thats what the debate is. No doubt its good smoke, but would it satisfy the itch that a person looking for a good OG is trying to scratch.

    Im leaning towards no. Goji would be a great name but put the OG at the end and its sets expectations on taste and aroma.
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