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Going Organic - What To Use

Discussion in 'Organics' started by SeaBow, Mar 14, 2013.


    SeaBow Member

    Hello Organic People,

    I’m taking the plunge and going organic. I have a vague idea of what to mix for my no nute feed soil so I’ll put up my inventory and humbly ask for your opinions on the mix ratios or what to use or not to use.

    Lamberts 100% Organic Garden Soil

    Black Kow

    Perlite – Straight up – not Miracle Grow

    Espoma Tomato-Tone 3-4-6

    HiYield Agricultural Limestone

    Earth Worm Castings 1-0-0

    Happy Frog Bat Guano – 0-5-0

    Alaska Fish Fert – 5-1-1

    Super Thrive

    Thanks for your help.

    wald095 Member

    I don't think super thrive is organic...

    SeaBow Member


    I listed everything in the kitchen. I didn't think Super Thrive was organic with the hormones.

    Any ratios of what I have would be appreciated.


    ibitegirls Well-Known Member

    well, during grow Veg stage you want to give higher portions of Nitrogen.. and during Flowering you want dial down the Nitrogen and give the plants more P. during flowering you want to give the plants proper nutes that cause Bloom (see Earth Juice Bloom)

    have a look at subcools super soil recipe and work off of that
    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    If the grow is truly organic, then there isn't any need to "up the P" during flowering. The mycorrhizae will make P a whole lot more available. You also wanna keep the N during flower, at least not reduce it. A 3-5-3 (Espoma Bulb Tone) is about perfect with a well established micro-colony. Most Espoma products have beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae in them. BioTone Starter Plus is just PlantTone with added mycos and bacteria.
    You shouldn't need the HiYield lime since the soil has lime and dolomitic lime already (Kelp too!). Use the Espoma (Tomato tone?) Can you get either BulbTone or PlantTone? Going with the 4# bag, add half a bag to that 40qt soil, then add 25% to 30% EWC, about 4 to 6 cups of Black Kow and 4 to 6 cups perlite (If you overdo the perlite, it will pretty much float and settle across the surface of the soil. As long as your soil has a good combination of drainage and water retention, and good structure (for aeration) it's good. Use the guano for top dressing or AACT. Ditch the Superthrive. If you feel its needed, go to a feed & supply store and get fulvic and humic acid. Mix those with some B12, in an alfalfa tea for an even better version of the Superthrive. Hang on to the fish emulsion, it's good if you have an N deficiency in veg, but that shouldn't ever be a problem. Thats what I would do with what you have. What ever you do don't drop that bottle of fish emulsion. Alaska has a tendency to have the top shatter and it WILL go everywhere and STINK your room out!!! Basically, ditch that too.

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