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Going from CFL to LED mid grow

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by tarks, Feb 25, 2013.


    tarks Active Member

    Would any issues arise if I went from growing in a grow tent using CFL to growing under a couple of Hans LED panels using the same light schedule ( 12 / 12)? Like would the plant flip out over the sudden change in lighting and just not flower or would it not make a difference?
    Bumping Spheda

    Bumping Spheda Active Member

    Afaik it might freak out a little and stunt growth for a day, or two, but you'll be perfectly fine in the long run.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Well, you neglected to tell how much cfl, so.... Hans's panels are pretty potent light makers. Maybe start with one for a few days, then decide whether to add the other

    tarks Active Member

    Been running 3 6400k 24w CFL's , 3 isnt enough now but was ok when they were 6inch tall.

    Organique04 Active Member

    Ive started plants with 300 watts cfl up to flowering. Then added a small LED ufo over the tops. They responded to it positively. Took the LED away a month later for a few days, switched it with a better Kessil LED, plants continued to grow well no hiccups! Just get the height right as LED's are intense and focused. I keep mine at 12" above tops in flower. When I plant is much smaller, like my 25 day old blueberry, I keep it at 18" over tops.

    SnotBoogie Active Member


    Blueberry71 Member

    I started with a 125 6400k CFL in a small closet with one plant that i am pretty sure it is OG Kush. Plant is 12 weeks old from when it sprouted as a seedling and into its 4th week of flowering at 12/12. Bought a 200w 2700k CFL and at Week two of flowering i added a vipar A100 LED. I use the 200w CFL for one side of the plant and move the pail around each day a quarter turn.
    DSCF0866.jpg DSCF0876.jpg

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Why not use both?

    Blueberry71 Member

    plant will probably freak out if you put them too close to the plant yes, but more light is always better.

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