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Gods gift!

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by BiggEMAZINN, Nov 20, 2012.


    BiggEMAZINN Member

    got some fire GG from my local dispensary, def the best in town. A fat milky one out of the AMG has me seein rainbowsbongsmilie

    BluntsToFace Member

    Hell yeah! God's is a beauty!

    kc69 Member

    love that shit

    LadyVapor Member

    God's Gift has the best bouquete smell and taste I've ever laid hands on except one strain. Thirty years ago I sat next to a young man on a flight to Philly. He told me he would sell me an ounce of Acapulco Gold for $50.00 dollars. I hadn't ever paid more than $20.00 before. He drove me around the airport parking lot so I could test it out first. OMG, I'll never get that taste out of my mind. I wasn't sweet, but instead had a very nice taste and smell. On top of that it was the stoniest herb I had ever had except two Thai sticks that had been dipped in opium.

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