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Gnat problem... Don't like the idea of pesticide... GoGnats cedar oil?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Keenan, Dec 28, 2009.


    Keenan Member

    Hi all,
    I have a slight to moderate gnat problem. I am noticing the problem getting a tad worse and I am sure my soil has plenty of larvae (which cannot be good for roots). I REALLY do not want to use any sort of poison pesticide for obvious reasons. Soooooo, I ask.... What do you guys think of this product? Anyone ever use it? Is there something better this place carries? (At one point I thought about putting a layer of sand to kill the larvae, but someone mentioned that might screw up my Ph)

    Thanks for any info...

    Product Information
    GoGnats adopts cedar oil to safely control fungus gnats, mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, moths, mosquitoes and more. Liquid concentrated GoGnats can be mixed as a foliar spray or added directly to a hydroponic reservoir for systemic treatments. Great for use indoors and out, this natural pesticide also comes in handy for establishing a preemptive pest-free perimeter.


    cph Well-Known Member

    1 way I've heard of to get rid of gnats is to put a layer of sand on top of your soil. I've never tried it, just heard it.
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    Keenan Member

    Yeah, like I said I thought about doing this... but... I was unsure of exactly what kind of sand to buy, and how to do this without completely borking my Ph one way or the other. Thanks for the thought though.

    cazador Active Member

    the gnats like to enter the bottom of the containers too. I have never used the product you listed but I will look into it more as I seem to always have these gnats around. I was going to use the mosquito tabs but fear that somehow it might be harmful. It uses a bateria to kill the larva I think. Yellow sheets of paper or cardboard coated with vaseline or other sticky stuff placed near where you see most of the gnat hanging out should catch quite a few of the adults. It's a good way to find many pests early on.

    Stargrow Member

    I use GoGnats and Neem it seems to take care of any bug problems that might arise

    i81two Well-Known Member

    I have been dealing with a gnat problem for months. Nematodes on a weekly basis just kept it to a low roar. I finally got pissed and used Azamax as a drench. Killed all them fuckers. And my plants didnt even flinch. I will change rez's and go back to nematodes on a bimonthly basis. Used the Azamax just like they said to do for a drench. Good luck.

    Creek Active Member

    For dirt diamacius (sp) earth is the best. Put a layer on the top and around the bottom holes of your pot. As soon as a fungus gnat or any bug for that matter comes in contact with the DE it will dehydrate. Took care of my HORRIBLE gnat problem in one treatment. I mix it will all my soil as preventitive measure now.

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