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Give milk to my plant?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Jcway5, Oct 14, 2007.


    Jcway5 Well-Known Member

    well i was reading that milk contains high amounts of phosphorus...is it safe to give my plant a little milk every now and then (im in the flowering stage)?

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    Give it nutes, they seem to like that.

    Jcway5 Well-Known Member

    well im a college stuedent and im completely broke until i get my loans and stuff so i was looking for a cheap way to get some nutrition to my plant..i plan on getting some nutes in the future but i need something for now..

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    There are some home-made nute threads around here. Milk probably
    has sufficient amounts of phosphorus, but other elements as well
    that would be detrimental to the plant. Look around some more, you'll
    find something cheap and safe.

    bigballin007 New Member

    I know that pumpkin growers inject milk into the stem of the fruit to get huge pumpkins, but they start with a genetic hybrid pumpkin seeds that is from a giant in the first place.
    Now for what I am currently experimenting with is injecting milk directly into the stem of a vegging Marijuana plant. I did this over 3 weeks ago right into the main stem about an inch above the soil. As of yet I have seen no difference in the plant that was injected versus the plant that was not injected with milk. Now I would never feed my ladies milk in the soil, as I would not want the soil to grow mold or anything like that. Milk spoils way to fast. But on the other hand injecting it into the stem has caused no problems as of yet. The injected plant is a half an inch taller than the rest of my crop but I can not determine if this is a result of the injection or not. Time will tell, but do not and and stress this again do not feed your plants milk directly in the soil as you are asking for allot of other problems.

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    george cervantes says "injecting milk into the stem of a plant will cause a fatal bacterial infection". take it from the man himself.
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    BeachGrower79 Well-Known Member

    MILK WILL ROT. it will form a bacteria and stink up the operation,..like rotten cheese.
    if you have no money for nutes, use water. I tried urinating (diluted) on mine in the flowering stage cuz one of these sites claimed it was high in nitrogen,..well maybe so but man,..it reeked up my room like piss. i flushed to rid the smell,..eventually having to resoil.
    keep it pure,...clean,...and make it something the plant would actually get in nature. MILK?

    KillBud Active Member

    Yes, and I can drink 10-12-11 mix and do just fine.

    Dude, it's a plant not a cat.

    Your grow will only be as good as your weakest link. Cheap out on one part and you might as well bag the rest.

    The plants don't understand "I'm broke and I only have milk to give you".

    Sorry man, there are no short-cuts. There are many ways to save money, but this isn't one of them.
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    Jcway5 Well-Known Member

    alright well no need to get critical...i had just heard of people giving thier plant meat juice for the phos. and i knew milk had alot of it but i just didnt think of the mold or the poiling issue

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member


    ala Member

    who has got sum spere seeds i can have skint

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    not allowed. gonna ban you. :fire:

    shnkrmn Well-Known Member

    Can I use mashed potatoes as a medium? They soak up the meat juices so well. . . .

    champzilla36 Member

    Hey guys milk has calcium in it.... it is good for blossom-end rot because that stems from a low calcium level... you dont need to much and dont have to dilute.

    champzilla36 Member

    Just as molasses has beneficial minerals and carbohydrates,

    ditrtyone Active Member

    what if the plant was lactose intolerant? just kidding but that shit will smell and you will have all sorts of nasty little bugs and fungus and bacteria growing in with your plants.

    sso Well-Known Member

    yeah, milk would spoil in about 3 days and leave the most horrid smell..

    you can use, coffeegrinds,

    fruitpeels, (can boil it and use the water from that..)

    google cheap fertilizers on the net (or free fertilizers)

    thereĀ“s actually a ton of things you can use cheap, (and wont smell horribly after a few days)

    urine actually only smells for a few moments (dab of urine And then water (not alot of urine per plant, small cup per 3 gallon plant)
    but like i say, there are tons of stuff that doesnt smell or smells good.

    Gutter Well-Known Member

    Idk bt im gonna make sum hot chocolate now ;-)

    minorfelony Member

    I dont see why people would think its strange idea. i see a lot of sarcasm but i think it is a smart intellectually thinking idea. Alot of company's are offering amino acid treatments for plants and if you know much about chemistry you would know that milk is protein. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids. So, in my opinion the logic is there. Its just a matter of what else is in the milk. I know calcium and vitamin D and k also iodine, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid (B vitamins), Potassium and Magnesium,Selenium (mineral), Thiamin(B-vitamin), and Conjugated Linoleic Acid(fatty acid), lactic acid. Sometimes growth hormone and antibiotics. Basically whatever the farmer injected or the cow ate will be in the milk just like a women. Milk is also acidic, slightly. Sometimes neutral. But i thought of it. Everyone wants to save money and DIY. Iam sure when blackstrap was first suggested it endured ridicule not to say that milk is good which i think it is not. But it is a good idea for people to be creative and suggest and tryout different things otherwise humans will make no progress especially when it might be in ur fridge.
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    Jennylasting Active Member

    progress is trying everything and what doesn't work don't keep, don't you think someone in history ALREADY suggested milk and didn't use it, maybe the first people to use blackstrap were made of but not for bloody long that's why we use it now, milk isn't a new discovery so you'd have thought it would have been tried by now and there's a good reason we don't use it! there was little sarcasm there was informed opinion!

    EDIT: okay there was sarcasm AND informed opinion

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