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girl scout cookies

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Dan Kone, Mar 19, 2012.

    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    hey bro, have u ever ran or heard of the sun set og?
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    no seriously i mean the real real white fire had people blaming me for lasing it.. but its just the way it grew..
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    no do you need me to look into it?? is it realy good???
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    was just wondering. some cuts going around up here. there saying sunset og.
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    im already on it sun set og?? ill look into it see if i can swing it up north strain or down south strain??? mongo hit me up ill see if i can land it..

    tobinates559 Active Member

    how is a strain just a fad???? raskals wifi is up there with the best, you obviously never smoked or grew the real wifi or you are just a hater...seriously raskals OG is like my favorite easily better than most og cuts out there and combined with the white!!! like you are just a hater that strain is pure gold and in no way a fad
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    wow. super fucking legit. congrats. rarely do you see a strain that looks better than it's parents
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    No. Fire OG is pretty good. Wifi is a bs knockoff that everyone thought was the best thing ever for about 10 seconds then the trend ended.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    If that's what I think it is you definitely need to grab one while you can.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Just a fad as in it was blowing up everywhere a year ago now it's pretty much gone. I'm clearly a hater. I've seen tons of wifi and it's all very average at best. It's a fad. Thankfully a dying one.

    Aeroknow Well-Known Member

    Wifi is average at best? Come on! That tells me that the wifi you seen was grown by some hacks. We got the white leaning, the fire leaning, and they both kick most other og's ass. Some of the frostiest, tastiest, and most of all stoniest out there. Wifi will be around for a while
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    [video=youtube_share;1f2f0ASZ2K8]http://youtu.be/1f2f0ASZ2K8[/video] i consider my self pritty well rounded.. i think you didnt grow it right!!! or they didnt grow it right they swear to this day i lased it and i did no such thing just doesnt yeild or i would still be growing it.. lolz thats why every one is bitting raskals style!!!! every time i hear some shit like this i remember this vidoe!!!!
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    It's not just that. When it was in style I saw it tons of times in dispensaries. Always very average compared to the rest of OG's out there. A low yielding average strain isn't worth the hype. If I wanted a low yielding OG I'd grow Tahoe.

    RobbieP Well-Known Member

    sure fire seeds have a wifi x casey jones strain that is one of the most sought after strains ive ever seen ... big yielder and drips resin ..... from what ive seen WiFi is not a fad
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    white fire if grown right and cut at its peak for get about the rest of the day its not a couch locker it more like TKO Mike-Tyson-vs.-Michael-Spinks_(2)_-530x317.jpg from tyson..

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Last year I got my GSC's from the Hemp Center as small cuttings not clones.
    OG cardboard cookie dough smell then og minty flavor when smoked and
    are very stony.

    View attachment 2973196

    3 of these I gave away
    View attachment 2973207

    young one in reveg
    View attachment 2973197

    3 of these older ones in reveg got almost 3
    feet higher/bigger shown here at the end of flower.
    View attachment 2973208

    in reveg
    View attachment 2973209

    smaller one in reveg
    View attachment 2973210

    young 3 in reveg of 6 total
    View attachment 2973211

    View attachment 2973212

    View attachment 2973213

    A good section of the mosquito netting got shredded
    so I had to cover and uncover daily
    with clear tarps for the last 6 weeks.
    Winter summer grow pix  end flower 2012 - 2013 150.jpg

    View attachment 2973214

    View attachment 2973215

    Winter summer grow pix  end flower 2012 - 2013 029.jpg

    Attached Files:


    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    nice trees man! i have a flaming cookies male that looks like this structure and a fem getting that nice bush going on.u know if your rocking the forum cut?

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    The last bottom picture (attached thumbnail) with my friend in it is not GSC.
    It's blue dream.

    I'm too stoned to remember if they are/were The Forum Cut (ICMAG)
    or not. Also I never asked my 35 year best bud after he picked them up in Frisco
    coming down from Arcata last mid-march. Could be the thin mint version
    according to it's characteristics.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    cool man looking like some huge trees. notice if theyre bug resistant?

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Just found this pic of my GSC's from last year.
    View attachment 2974127

    I've been hearing a lot of Cherry Pie talk lately
    all over RIU. Much more then usual. Is this a resurgence, has she not
    lost her charm?
    Seems to be her popularity is gaining. Is this possible?
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