GHETTO but CREATIVE grows part 1

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by better2beunknown, Nov 29, 2012.


    better2beunknown Member

    Hey wasup guys. Im new to posting on sites but ive been growing for about 3 years now(aint shit) but I figured y not grow myself by sharing my ideas and grows with a site ive followed for a while.

    Im currently running a 400w phillips dual arc works great. My grow space is small 3by4 with slanted roof(attic). I use gh 2 part nutes with a lil calmag and superthrive.(tap water) nothing big. Veg atm starting from seeds.

    Follow me threw this growvshould be fun.Now I just need to figure out how to post pics from my android..

    willowpinnerblunt Active Member

    3x4 is quite a big area for a 400 WATT no? how many plants do you plan on running/some more info etc....? I couldn't post with iphone, but try downloading google chrome browser I know with Galaxy you can upload images to site.

    RCgrowerman Active Member

    You can easily pull off a 4*4 space with a 400w I have been doing it in my for months.

    better2beunknown Member

    I wish I had 600w but 400w will do. My space is really 2 by 4 once i figure out how to post pics u will see my setup. I do have chrome and im actually on a galaxy s3 lol. I have 7 plants dont know there gender yet.

    better2beunknown Member

    My plan for the next week or 2 will be consertrating on building and developing a strong root systems and plant strructures. then the next 2-3 weeks will be picking out my females. For now I have 7 plants and 1 plant flowing I will post pics asap

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