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GH Nutes vs Others

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by weedx, Feb 5, 2013.


    weedx Member

    Sup all,

    I have done a few grows with Canna AB and Dutchmaster Advanced nutes but I had a mate give me a bunch of Flora Bloom/Micro.

    How do these shape up to the others on the market?

    If there not as good ill just dump em and run the next grow with some tried and tested.

    Cheers guys

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    I started out with GH, theyre not bad but in my experience its a really salty line..meaning if you over do it the medium (if you are using one) gets all crusty and you have to flush it out. If you have had good luck with the others Id stick with those.

    weedx Member

    cheers for the reply mate, medium is rockwool/hydroton, ill go grab some canna always worked so far

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    Gh micro and bloom at lucas ratios works quite well.

    cobra28widow New Member

    I use Gh Floraduo part A and B and flora micro... I love this stuff.. I used flora nova but the floraduo is much better IMO.. I use it in DWC and in soil... its actually easier for me to use in soil than in the dwc..

    ringlead3r Active Member

    i like the results I get with my maxi bloom from gh

    jason1976 Active Member

    ive been using gh grow micro and bloom also the additives. they have been the most stable nutes ive used thus far as far as ph rarely is it ever off as long as you do changes. i also used a set that i bought a while back it was also a grow and bloom had sugar daddy in it easy to use but had to use ph up and down.so i gotta say i love my gh products.

    nameno Well-Known Member

    I like GH,have you ever used just micro & bloom? I know about the duo,& I've heard some say they been using just bloom & micro,like you say the ph has been good why change. I backed off on the nutes 2 days ago & growth exploded.

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