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Getting out of the hobby!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by PanKaKe232, Jan 20, 2013.


    PanKaKe232 Member

    With my time has come, and with a little (large) push from the wife I'm out. It was fun, I no i didnt post a lot but i followed a lot of journals learned a hell of a lot and grew some pretty sick buds

    I have two blackstar LEDs I wanna sell, i posted in the lighting Sec but I figured this would be the best place to try to get rid of them. I rather see the lights go to someone who need and use them then any crazy people you meet on craiglist. Any how PM if you want them trying to sell for 200 each I have two of them and Ill take care of shipping I just want these things gone.

    althor Well-Known Member

    You actually care more about your wife than your hobby? Good job, I have yet to meet the girl who could make me give up what I love most.

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Your a better man than most!

    My old lady would never let me quit :D


    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Same here , the wife would be upset if I pulled my plugs

    PanKaKe232 Member

    HAHA, to a avoid the endless fights and arguments and make sure your smart about speeches its worth it. Then doesnt mean i'll ever stop partaking, but I will have to end my growing fun

    PanKaKe232 Member

    Yea we had a 6 month agreement to give growing a go, but then it turned into more of a 3 year agreement and shes pulling the plug on me.

    That and she has me addicted to a new crack, Reef Tanks. I'm telling the damn fish tank thing is more addicting then crack. freaking corals and fish and equipment so instead of growing buds, now im growing corals.. not exactly the tradeoff i would want but hey you do what you can?

    blazingrngras Active Member

    Its more expensive than crack too. But very entertaining. Best of luck to you.

    PanKaKe232 Member

    Yea it is, thats why I'm trying to sell out my equipment .Don't need it but i hate to throw it away. If someone wants to pay shipping and buys both of them I would sell them for $175 each.

    PanKaKe232 Member

    Getting a lot of interest thank you guys who are asking questions,
    To answer a bunch of them its the 2012 Blackstar LED 240W 3W Led,

    • Size: 15.75" x 8.375"
    • Coverage Area: 3' x 2' (6 Square Feet)
    • LED Chipset: 3W
    • Number of LED's: 80
    • Rated Hours: 50,000
    • Bands: 6 Band
    • Red: 630, 660nm
    • Blue: 425nm
    • Infrared: 730nm
    • Ultraviolet: 380nm
    • White: 12000k
    • Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v
    • Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)

    PanKaKe232 Member

    And for those looking for a photo
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member

    yes it in an amazing and wonderful hobby as well...but my growing has the added benefit of harvest...unless of course you are harvesting fish and corals...Luckily mylady encourages my hobby...but one thing is certain...happy wife =happy life...cuz one thing we all know if she ain't happy you sure the fuck won't be

    PanKaKe232 Member

    HAHA yea I actually plan on growing and selling corals. A family friend does it now and what he makes in selling his frags covers all and more of his costs. I got to say to stare at a fish tank with all the crazy colors and movement when your stoned nothing better

    PanKaKe232 Member

    Another question to a popular question the 200 covers the shipping costs so you dont no have to pay for shipping I'll cover it.
    Next question the reason Im trying to sell them tonight, I want to buy a new LED light for my fish tank these lights are too red for a fish tank, or Id be using them.

    oh last I used them both for vegging and flowering, for flowering they had great penetration even through a nice sized canopy, and for veggie it was like watching plans on steroids how fast they grow with these bad boys, no heat so no heat stress what so ever!

    PanKaKe232 Member

    SOLD thank you guys!!!

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