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Germininating problems

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ski guy, Apr 22, 2011.

    ski guy

    ski guy Member

    Soaked seeds for 24 hrs until they sank, put into ph balanced rockwool, put in warm dark room, saran wrap over container for moisture,5 days and nothing.Was looking for sprouts on 420. 5 SL Haze & 4LSD . Testing my patience!! Not my first grow but first time it's taken so long!! Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!!! PEACE:wall:

    luciferateme Active Member

    ive always used the paper towel method and never had one not germ, some of the other ways about just over complicate things. the thing i like about the paper towel is it keeps the moisture at the seed, just make sure the rockwool is moist around the seed, my opinion is its a lack of water/moisture around the seed.
    never used rockwool though so maybe one of the other guys has some further input.
    good luck with them and i hope they pop for you.

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    what was the temp? being in the dark may be too cold?
    i've always put them in the light to germ...under flur's or a window

    r1tony New Member

    I used to use paper towel method with hit or miss results. Now I soak seeds 24 hours in shot glasses with couple drops of H202 and dont take them out till they have 1/4" tap roots. If you take them out before they crack they probably will never pop, be patient and keep em in there 24-48 hours. This method has been 100% for me since switching from paper towel.

    Icculus Well-Known Member

    Yeah i always just throw them in a glass of water and when they crack plant them straight into the dirt. They always seem to sprout for me that way, unlike that papertowel method. I hate that shit..

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member


    zombie Active Member

    Same here luciferateme. Paper towel has always done me good. Plus, you can always unfold the paper towel and see their progress. never used rockwool, so no help from me. Someone will chime in.

    Shadeslay Active Member

    I've always had bad luck sealing them anything remotely air tight. My best germ rates come when I allow them to breath. tossing in a glass of water for 12 hours then a paper towel or dirt works well. The cheaper paper towels I find don't work as well either as they seem to smother them, the quilted ones work best for me.

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