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Germination methods

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by easy skankin, May 29, 2010.

    easy skankin

    easy skankin Member

    held a bit of an experiment there to see for myself which germination method worked best..i used 3 methods for my current grow:

    -paper towel method (30% germination)
    -pre soaking in glass of water (95% germination)
    -just plain planting in soil (0% germination)

    the best method i found was the pre-soaking in a glass of water and left in the dark for 24-48 hours. at first all the seeds floated and i thought that they were screwed (because of the float test) but i left them anyway and within 36-48 hours they had all sank. not all the seeds had cracked their shells but i took them out after this time and planted them. nearly every seed from this method germinated and i have lots of healthy seedlings now. :hump:
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    fabfun New Member

    how many seeds did u test and how may for each method
    and thanks i was wondering the best method seems i will stick with the soaking way + rep
    easy skankin

    easy skankin Member

    i used about 4-5 seeds for each method..some of the seeds might not have been viable still and maybe thats why they didnt germinate but if your seeds are still good the pre-soaking method seems to make them sprout so much faster!

    Jut Member

    :peace:what i did was i had a lil wooden box bout the size of a human hand put a riped peice of sock in there then folded the sock peice in half opened it put the seeds in tip filtered water in it to soak it then close the box and put it in a airing cupboard 4 1-2 days then there done :D:peace::joint:

    scardthestoner Member

    when you planted in soil did you make sure to keep it moist?

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's time for a reality check! You can't get 30% germination unless you use at least 10 seeds (per method). And furthermore, you can't get 95% germination unless you use at least 20 seeds (per method).

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    If the paper towel method doesn't yield 100% every time, you're doing something wrong.

    /b/ Active Member

    The way I do it is wrap them in a damp paper towel and put the towel in a ziploc sandwich baggie, then I open up my computer case and place them in there and close it up and the heat from that keeps it at about 75 constantly and they all germinate.

    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    The float test isn't 100% accurate with hemp seed due to the oil, although a very mature seed will often be dense enough to sink. After about 12 hours you can usually tap them with your finger and they will sink, once I get a sinker I plant them all. Anymore saturation they need they can get from the soil.
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    i like to soak in a cup overnight THEN use the paper towel,wet in a baggie, put that in a tupperware, put that on my hot water heater and cover with a towel.
    i personally have never failed to germinate a seed.

    DropsOfJupiter Well-Known Member

    wtf? ..........

    Caregivin Well-Known Member

    Ive had success in all areas, here is another way...styrofoam plate, a few handfuls of soil/less medium, wet it down and row in some seeds like a mini garden, then put them on top of the fridge , I get solid results. Some seeds just dont make it, plain and simple, only the strong...

    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    I don't know about everyone else, but I grow to give every one of my plants the best chance to live. The only way you do that is by thinking like a farmer and putting those things in some dirt, using logic.

    purplecream Active Member

    I use the soaking in water method and it works everytime. Sometimes i'm to impatient to wait for them to crack on their own so i actually help them out and crack the seed between my thumb and my index finger, then put them back in the water until i see a little tail.

    VermontgannyMan Member

    Anybody tried growing the autoflowering strains?
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    yep diesel ryder
    trichlone fiend

    trichlone fiend New Member

    rapid rooters (a).jpg rapid rooters (b).jpg ...I place the seedlings in "rapid rooters", soaked with RO H2O, 1/4" deep.... place them on a seedling heating pad and put them under a humidity dome...I put an extra seedless rapid rooter in there with them to check for watering (I wait until I can't squeeze one drop out of it before I water them)...I start to give dechlorinized, pH'd tap water once I see the first sign of true leaves...and I'm off! bongsmilie

    BubbleRap Active Member

    I have had really good luck soaking them until they sink and then putting them in a paper towel. I put that paper towel in a ziploc and throw it in a drawer. Once I see the tap root I put them in rockwool inside a solo cup. My rockwool is always previously soaked for at least 3 days and the pH has been tested. I spray em every now and then and cover them. Ive also been known to use a rooting hormone but I am really trying to get away from that unless I am dealing with clones.

    Toolage57 Active Member

    I did a test DWC and I filled the rockwool hole till it was at the top but just a deep enough spot to place the seed on top and all 3 germinated.

    WTF? He can use 10 seeds to test each method to get the numbers he doesn't need to have 10 seeds for 1 method and 20 seeds for the other method

    Most people who start from seed don't bother doing that and they think they are duds but they do live to become strong. A friend of mine believes that if they don't crack they are the strong ones of them all and most people throw them out and only the people who crack them open and grow them will find out how strong it is

    Lance85 Active Member

    I watered my soil, dropped my seeds, and 4 days later had sprouts (100% on 2 seeds). I didn't do any pre-germination with papertowels, water glasses, etc .. just dropped them in.

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