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Germinating in rockwool questions

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Mike7, May 10, 2010.


    Mike7 Active Member

    So I am doing my first grow, planted 10 seeds in rockwool and am having trouble maintaining a nice temperature. With the humidity dome on it goes to like 65 degrees when not covered, and with the dome covered with a blanket it goes around 82-90. And if I leave the thing so the dome isn't on properly and its covered, it goes to a nice 78 degree range, but then there's no humidity.

    Also, It's been almost 3 days and no sign of germination yet. I accidently didn't cover up one of the seed holes and saw the seed looking exactly the way it did before :(. The other rockwool cube holes are covered up and I can't check on any progress yet. I guess it's possible that the exposed one didn't grow because it was... exposed? :P.

    Any advice guys?

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    Mike7 Active Member

    sorry, that picture is no longer accurate. I changed it so i cut a hole in the dome for the light to stick in, so only the bulb portion enters the dome, so it's about 2 inches higher than shown.

    Lanebobane Member


    PeaceLuvPot Member

    Why a germination kit? Just use a wet paper towel and a ziplock baggie for germination. Wet the paper towel, ring it out, fold it in half, then half again. place your seeds in the paper towel, and fold in half one last time. Put in a ziplock baggie, and pit in a warm dark place (Like a dresser drawer). 2 days later, you have germination.

    I practiced this method with bagseed and was getting about 80% of them to pop.

    I just germinated 2 white widows, 2 northern lights, and 2 bubble cheese for my grow, and they all popped. Once popped, they go into presoaked rockwool, then into hydroton and into the grow room.

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    IMO, it is very hard to germ in rockwool without some nutes.I have done it without the dome. just hand water the top of the cube a little every day, not too wet.the paper towel is almost 100% if the seeds are good.

    Humboldt14 Well-Known Member

    take the seeds out of the rock wool. Get a dinner plate and put 3 layers of damp paper towels down. then put the seeds on them then get another 2 layers of damp paper towel on top. put the plate in dark warm place. I get 100 percent germination doing this method. if the seeds have not cracked in the rock wool yet you will not harm then.

    villian13 Member

    i germ in rock wool all the time.keep them wet & warm ,use a heat pad if u got 1.DONT LET THE ROCK WOOL DRY!!!

    Mike7 Active Member

    Ugh, so i just found out we're not supposed to use the lights until they sprout?! So therefore I just use a heating pad (my upside down laptop with modified power settings :p) and a humidity dome, with no light???

    I'm on the end of day 3, no results yet, should I keep the lights going? Turn them off?

    So far i've got a wicked temperature of 79-81 degrees with the light/laptop combo, i'm worried by removing the light I will go down to like 65 degrees! Any other advice??

    Mike7 Active Member

    I am doing a hydro setup and was told by the guy at the store the best way to germ them is in the rockwool, as transplanting to rockwool afterwards can be risky.

    Humboldt14 Well-Known Member

    thats a crock of shit. i have 100 percent success rate. as long as good seeds

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    read somewhere else that light doesnt matter til it starts to pop out. its dark below the cover seed either way... im germing some tomatoes and the first 3 i started on non ph'd water it was like around 7.0. Next day started 3 with h2o2 mixture. Next day started 6 3 with straight ph'd h20 5.5, and 3 with the h2o2 mixture. the first 3 from day one havent done much and dont appear to be sprouting. on day 3 i moved the dome inside and the last nine i planted are starting to sprout already temp is at 87 not sure on humdity dont have a meter(temp outside was above 90). i used rockwool and just let it soak in the mixture i think the temp is a major key to germing. tonite i put 7-8 in a shot glass as noted above and covered with another cup i just dont feel comfortable touching them after they have sprouted. so im hoping the rockwool ones are successful.

    anyone germ in rapid rooters and use them in hydro drip system?

    laceygirl Well-Known Member

    I use rockwool to germinate... Its just easier... :-)

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