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Germinate Seed In Root Riot

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by wizard1612, Jun 17, 2008.


    wizard1612 Active Member

    Hi is it possible to germinate seeds in root riot cubes. i have germinated seeds in the past normally get 2 plates some paper towels soak the towels with the seeds in the middle. but i was wondering will i have to wait till they crack to pop them in the root riot cubes or can i just put them in thanks again wizard

    frisby888 Active Member

    just poped a seed in a root riot cube about an hour ago, and gave it a spray of water, will let you know on the progress. i germed 3 in a towel till a small tail appeared then planted them in soil, 2 days ago. still no sign of the stem. :-?

    kristus015 Active Member

    I am not too familiar with root riots. Are they similar to rapid rooters? I personally love the paper towel method. I now mix up several drops of rhizotonic root stimulant with the water that wets the paper towels. I am on my first grow at the moment, and when I was germinating my seeds I did it 3 different ways with different seeds to see which worked the best. The rockwool completely and utterly sucked. I dont think any of the 15 seeds in that one would have been viable for a plant. The other 2 things I did were both paper towels (shop towels with no dye or fragrance) and ziplocs. The only difference between those two was one had ph balanced water with rhizotonic and one just had ph balanced water. 10 seeds in each. Both ziplocs were placed in the pantry where its warmer and darker. 24 hours later the bag with rhizotonic showed much better results than the one without. At 48 hours the rhizotonic bag seeds had taproots around 2 inches where the other bag had maybe 3/4" taproots. After that I put them in rapid rooters within hydroten.

    Sorry for my ranting. I just wanted to share my germinating experiences in case it helps out.

    In any case, I just looked up root riot. That seems pretty solid as a medium for germinating or post germination. I dont know how the PH is on those, but I know that certain organic cubes tend to have a higher PH than what you probably want. I am not saying these do, though. I would put a seed in there about the depth of a seed (3mm?) and have it just covered over with something. On my rapid rooters I tore a small piece from the side and kind of layed it in the hole on the seed. I wouldnt put seeds too deep or they will take forever coming up if they do at all.

    wizard1612 Active Member

    hi ive tried both paper towl and root riot and paper towl is the best took 1 day to germinate with paper towl and 2 days in root riot i i had 10 feminized cheese all germinated and had a pack of 5 free seeds and 3 have germinated thanx guys

    frisby888 Active Member

    id stick eith the paper towel method, they germed faster than in the root riots, just transplant them to the root riot once the tail has emerged so the roots can get seated properly.

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