GENERAL ORGANICS GROW 5x5 1000 watt. 9 plant.

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    pictures in order at the bottom!!!!!!!! im currently doing a 9 plant grow, 5x5 lighthouse growtent, 1 1000watt mh/hps air cooled held 2 3/4 feet from container tops, one fan circulating air. growing agent orange an indica dominant from clones off the same mother. clones were rooted in gio-cubes just to roots showing then put into solo cups for one week, then transplanted to 1 gallon root pouches fabric pots(i would recommend to do plastic 1-2.5 gallons until final but root pouches are great.) they were left in one gallons for 3 weeks(only done with fabrics pots in my opinion i had no rootbound problems at !!!!) then were transplanted into there final 5 gallon root pouches with one inch of leca lava rock in the bottom and on top (always using sunshine advanced #4). after two weeks of growth in the five gallons the plants are pushing diameters of 16-18 inches and a heighth of 20-24 inches. plants are thick with 12-14 main branches from the apical stem. beginning flowering today :lol:.

    i used general organics(6 gallons every two-three days)(per gallon) 20ml BioThrive veg, 7.5ml CalMag+, 15 Bio Root, and 4ml BioWeed. i have never had any defficency problems at all! i use fresh well water that test at 7.8 ph before i add nutrients. i do not i repeat DO NOT EVER ph adjust my nutrients. general organics is a microbe environment that has no need for ppm adjustment or EC its broke down by the microbes in the root structure is my understanding and if thats not the exact science it is what works! for the first week i plan to use 15ml biothrive grow, and 5ml biothrive bloom, 1.25ml biobud, 3ml bioweed, 7.5ml calmag+, 10ml bioroot, second week i will use bio thrive half and half 10ml, 7.5ml cal mag, 10ml bioroot, and 5ml biobud, third week, 15 ml biothrive bloom, 5ml biothrive veg, 10ml cal mag, 5ml biobud and 10ml bioroot. then i drop the bioroot after that week and the biothrive veg and up the bloom to 20.

    NOTE i also defoliated the plants four times in six weeks removing all the inner big fan leaves and covering fan leaves nothing else. i would recommend everybody using defoliation method to open up your plants growth and air flow. i had set up a scrog but decided to just keep the 9 squares so i could easier see there seperation evenly and possible will use for LSTing. but the plants seem very easyily maintained.

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    jt phone 1268.jpg jt phone 2 003.jpg jt phone 2 012.jpg

    first pic is week 4 didnt take between4-6 but second and third(for better view of color and upclose) 12 days after flipping to 12/12. agent orange. plants are 26-29 inches tall, with canopys of 22-24 inches. i am apsolutely loving the general organics line still am up to date not having any ph problems or defficiencies at all. i use tap (well water) ph at 7.5-8.0 adding my nutrients in a six gallon bucket with 5 gallons in it, while circulating with a pump/hose combination. ill answer any questions anyone has.
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    also updated that i cut back on nutrient concentration as it seemed to be a waste of the veg nutrients. 15ml biothrive grow, 7.5ml calmag, 3ml bioweed, 10ml bioroot. also using both subcultures and diamond black on newer plants and am really loving the outcome. not using the biomarine though seems no need.

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