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Gen3 UFO LED Grow Light

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by jointchief, Dec 21, 2008.


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    I stumbled upon HTGsupply's Gen3 UFO LED Grow Light this morning and thought I'd get the word out there. FINALLY Somebody is doing something right with LED lighting. I use 2 90w UFOs for supplementary light right now since they do not give off a full spectrum of light that is required for Chlorophyll production.

    In their product description they let you know the exact spectrums the Gen3 light produces....

    Plants grow by the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis, which allows plants to obtain energy from light. Plants only absorb certain light spectrums, mostly blue and red, while nearly all others are reflected or otherwise unused by the plant. Light spectrums are measured in nanometers or “nm”. Chlorophyll production is made up of two parts, A and B. Maximum chlorophyll A production occurs at 662nm (for red) and 430nm (for blue), while maximum chlorophyll B production occurs at 642nm (for red) and 453nm (for blue). These are the peak points at which chlorophyll production is maximized, even just a few nm above or below these points will significantly reduce production. Our PHD recommended that we find these exact spectrums to maximize plant growth.

    This was the baseline we had to work with. We found out that the standard LED UFO units did not provide these special spectrums. There were however, some slick sellers of these units that promised that the special spectrums were used, but when we tested them in the lab, we found that they were just the standard “red” and “blue” LED’s. While these standard LED’s are much cheaper to produce, they simply do not produce the results that are possible.

    The manufacturer of the “standard” LED UFO did not want to work with us. They had no interest in producing a special unit for us, as they just wanted to sell the same old thing, over and over, making a bunch of cash, but providing sub-standard results. They actually just wanted to produce the standard units cheaper, so they could sell more and make more money.

    We decided to contract a specialty lighting manufacturer to produce our own LED UFO unit. After a long and expensive search we found an LED supplier for these specialty spectrums, which are not at all the industry standards. Over the last 18 months, we tested over 12 different combinations of LED manufacturers and spectrums to see what worked the best. With many failures and successes we had prototypes ready for testing. After many prototypes and testing samples, we have created the G3 LED UFO. This Generation3 unit blew away the other LED UFO’s in our testing. We classify the G3 LED UFO as a “3-band” unit since it uses 3 different LED modules, but it is actually more than this, as the third LED unit we include is a special LED unit which is a Wide Spectrum LED. This produces an output range unmatched by all other units, providing “light nourishment” in nm spectrums that the others miss. We found that adding other orange spectrums did little to nothing for production. But, when we added the Wide Spectrum LED, plant growth was significantly increased.

    Sucks to see that my UFOs aren't truely efficient and that there is a new version out there because I paid an arm and a leg for em, but it's good to see advancements like this and the only way shit like this can be proven is if someone is willing to experiment with them. I took my turn, whos next?

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Aren't you making the same mistake you originally made when you bought those by half way believing some crap from a LED company once again?

    I would not encourage someone to buy those things without just waiting for someone to make that mistake on their own, and besides the money spent on them even if they do finally work still won't make sense in terms of the 1kw light and years of electricity that money could have bought.

    LED's find enough victims...

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    "Gen 3"....Its a new marketing plan and a new case, but its the same crappy LED technology. They STILL Only use crappy 1w LED lights.

    When are people gonna realize, it doesnt matter how many 1w LEDS you use, or how fancy the case or the marketing is. 1w lights just arent gonna grow good weed.

    I dont care if you get 5,000 1w LEDs....they still wont be able to grow anything that would make the investment worth it.


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    I don't intend on buying the gen3's. I intend on replacing my current diodes with the correct wavelength diodes. I posted about the Gen3 because people should know about it. People should know that changes are being made.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    People should know its still a total waste of money. The "new wavelength" Diodes, are the same crappy 1w LEDs they they had before, if they changed the color of the plastic they use to make the LEDs, thats not gonna make enough difference for it to be worth anything.


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    Before you speak of something you know nothing about, do your research. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LED_diode

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    I know how LEDs work....What is your point? Are you saying the crappy 1w LEDs will magically grow massive buds now?


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    Here let me help you out BCtrippin. Many LEDs are crappy because of phosphor degeneration which causes changes in the produced light color. I'm not sure exactly what formulations are require to produce the following required wavelengths for chlorophyll , so this may or may not be an issue:

    662nm (for red)
    430nm (for blue)
    642nm (for red)
    453nm (for blue)

    jointchief Well-Known Member

    The diodes being 1w a piece isn't your main concern. It's about targeting the wavelengths that are required for chlorophyll. Only 10% of HPS light is exactly used by plants. The whole goal of using LEDs is to produce light that is 100% used. Understand? So instead of throwing 1000 watts of 90% useless light at your plants, with LEDs, you could be throwing 1000 watts of 100% useful lighting....power will not be wasted on too much green, UV, etc.

    And eventually YES, they will produce MASSIVE BUDS.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Again, I know how LEDs work... This isnt going to change anything. The penetrating power of 1w LED lights is useless. It doesnt matter how perfect you make the spectrum if theres not enough light being put out for the plants use it efficiently.

    Its a a start, but theres still going to have to be another big breakthrough in LED technology before its worth it. Changing the spectrum just isnt enough. No one has ever denied you can grow weed with LEDs, no one has ever denied the spectrum is better, but the problem has always been making effective use of that spectrum. Its still only going to produce loose, fluffy, low yielding buds.

    Save your money, give it a few more years before investing in LEDs.


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    BC you really shouldn't speak of things you have no knowledge of. I looked at your profile comments and it seems to me you hate on just about EVERYTHING. Why so angry? Your grow not going so well? Didn't smoke today? I think you post just to get noticed because you haven't said anything useful / proven / intelligent. Stick to what you know ok? I was looking for intelligent opinions from creditable members. You are worthless and I'm not going to sit here and arguing with you about LEDs when you have no knowledge or experience with them.

    If you are going to make a statement like LEDs don't have enough penetrating power because they are only 1w and not explain your reasoning in a scientific or at least an understanable manner than DON'T post anything at all.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Im not arguing, Its my opinion and Im entitled to it.

    If your waiting for someone to show up and start praising LED then stay tuned.....cause its not gonna happen.

    Im not dissing LED, I said its a step, but there still needs to be another breakthrough in LED technology before its worth it. Maybe you should do some research on how HID lighting works, and why it works so well at replicating the sun. You can copy and paste all the info about LED you want but it doesnt change anything. The LED UFO cant penetrate a flowering canopy. Theres not as much light being put out, so the plants produce less leafs in the veg stage. Yes its ideal spectrum, but not for Weed.

    Im sure it will grow some massive lettuce or leafy greens, but thats about it for now.

    And if you actaully read my posts, I dont hate on anything or anyone. I have always defended myself when insulted... If you actually read some of the crap from kingkush and whoever else there was you would know this.

    This is not the first thread with someone claiming to have this great new LED technology, search the forums, they pop up once in a while, and after several pages of useless jibber jabber everyone realized LEDs just arent up to par. They just are not a good investment compared to HID lighting systems and wont be able to produce the same results any time soon.

    If you think these Gen3 will produce the big dank buds, buy one and prove it.

    But IMO its just another marketing scheme to try and sell yesterdays LED technology.

    If you think Im wrong, and you think LED will produce fat buds, then Prove it, dont post numbers, post pics.....


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    Not looking for LED praises, looking for opinions that are worth a fuck. No shit HID works, I have 2 1000w HPS lamps and they work great. I also have a 8 lamp 4ft t5 fixture and that works great too. I'm not saying the current LED tech can replace HID, saying the G3 SHOULD be better than the previous attempts at LED lighting, you fucking baboon, I'm interested in what others think needs to be done.

    So far you said 1w not good enough, perfect spectrum doesn't matter, and now you are saying weed chlorophyll and photosynthesis are different from other plants? Please explain because I don't know EVERYTHING.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member


    Insults will get you nowhere around here.

    You need to educate yourself. Photosynthesis in Marijuana, and different plants are not all the same. Theres no Magic rule that says this is how photosynthesis works for ALL plants. This is why there are different types of nutrients and additives used for marijuana.

    The only reason the spectrum is useless is when it cant penetrate a flowering canopy.

    Have you seen growth patters of weed grown under LED lights? They grow a lot more stems, and a lot less leafs, because they are constantly searching for areas with enough light. Ill try to explain this in as simple as terms as possible. There is not enough of a light/leaf surface area ratio.

    Do you even know the lumen output of a 1w LED?

    Do you even understand how photosynthesis works?

    What needs to be done is higher power LED lights. Not the same old 1w lights with a different spectrum. They need more light output, this is the major flaw with LEDs.

    Dont call me a fucking baboon, Im entitled to my opinions. If you didnt want to hear it you shouldnt have posted in a public forum.

    Im not trying to argue with you so please, lets keep this civil, lets not start acting like 12 year olds and calling eachother names when you dont hear what you want.


    jointchief Well-Known Member

    I called you a fucking baboon because I'm entitled to my own opinion.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member


    Ok buddy...Insults will get you nowhere around here....have fun with your LED.


    chronchron Member

    I would like to say that photosynthesis is actually the same in ALL plants. Don't believe me? The metabolic pathway for all plants is highly conserved throughout evolution. Thats why all plants use light for growth and they all use CO2 and all give off O2. If it wasnt the same for all plants we would have some crazy ones using NO2 and giving off HNO4 or some other crazy shit like that goin on....but that doesnt really happen in real life

    sorry, know its an old thread but I just want people to be educated in this world. spread the knowledge

    growin4myhead Active Member

    Gotta tell ya both something. I have done 2 grows with so called "third gen" led's. they work and they work well. just don't grow anything over a foot tall. Got nice tight dense buds and the quality was very nice. on that note. I'll still use my HPS for the big stuff but the LED's do work fairly well on small plants and there is hope for them in the future, as BC said. however at present time I would have to concur that they are not worth the investment!

    Kavika68 Member

    Who invited the dumb-ass (BC Trippin) to this thread. Go back to Saskatchewan and find the rest of your teeth.

    Your points are so stupid I swear I want laugh. Your argument, over and over, about 1W not being enough is so dumb. So no matter how many of those 1w bulbs because it is only 1W to begin with it surely cannot work. Is that your point? Have you ever heard of the law of conservation of energy or mass? Do you have a freaking education? That is like saying there is no way one charcoal cube is going to grill your burger so even if I put 100 of them together it won't work. So freakin' dumb. Can we send this dork to the small school bus part of RIU?

    I will resist the urge to further point out how stupid you are cuz you have already pissed on this guys thread enough. You are right when you say that insults won't get you far here... but complete lack of knowledge won't get you ANYWHERE here.

    I have been reading lots of journals and the G3 UFO does seem to be a big step forward. I am really tempted to try one as they are only $200 or so. The energy savings where I live could be $300 per year.

    I am watching several journals where the G3 is being used. So far things look normal. I will post if I do get it and let you know what my results are.

    Cannarado Member

    Lmao! That was actually a good fuckin read, lol kavika, that shit was written 2 fuckin years ago! :p

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