gearing up for my south florida grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by viper2020cobra, Mar 6, 2013.


    viper2020cobra Active Member

    first time growing outdoors i just ordered my seeds im going with

    world of seeds landrace brazil amazonia
    world of seeds landrace afghan kush

    ill be growing in south florida im going to veg them indoors untill around april 20th possibly first of may
    i plan on letting them get nice and big before i put them outside

    im going to be using supcools supersoil

    how many gallons per plant would you recommend? a batch of the supersoil makes about 100gallons i read
    and i plant on growing some monsters i want to live inside of them

    and ill be fortifying around with chicken wire and also about 10 inches deep with it

    and iv also been thinking about just making a big chicken wire box around each plant and leaving it when there larger they will just scrog though it? and it will protect them when there smaller. damn ratcoons are a real problem here that and slugs

    HTP Active Member

    Before all that. Are you gorilla growing?

    viper2020cobra Active Member

    yeah its a gorilla grow low number about 4 to 5 seeds are fem and i plan to lose acouple .id be happy with about 4 pounds which is simi alot but i think double with alot of prep and iv already learned alot from indoor growing. but i relize that i might and prob will fall short of my goal , but goals are important :)

    iv not actually placed the order for the seeds yet im waiting till morning. if anyone has better suggestions im open . but no haze strains florida is flooded with haze and i want something different

    HTP Active Member

    I would add more stuff to the soil then drag 100# of shit to a grow area that you might lose anyway...

    viper2020cobra Active Member

    there really is no soil in south florida its all sand and the area im planting in may or may not have rising water middle of the season im going to use large totes or garbage cans half buried. and to supplement "existing soil" would require pretty much everything anyways and im going to use the supersoil and maybe some water crystals . im going for a plant and forget as mush as possible grow there should almost always be enough water from rainfall and ill also if using totes have no bottom so the roots can grow down into the low water table.

    hell i could even dig down deep enough and run some wicks up to my pots and never have to water

    i dont want to break the bank and i might lose everything but i want some really nice plants no 2 oz plants for me please.

    this grow is my buy some cheap ass land in colorado fund :)

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