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g13 labs cheese

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by z0b, Feb 6, 2013.


    z0b Active Member

    no final product yet. ive seen and heard great things though.
    as of grow so far my cheese is 1 of 3 strains.
    she has been so durable and wonderful.
    she has the best growth so far all run. bushy but medium height and tight nodes
    5 out 6 got burned twice this run. both times the cheese looks hungrier and was the only non burnt baby.
    she came out of shock after fim first and with a good lead on the others.
    and her clone rooted before all the rest.
    im ecstatic at how shes done so far and am keeping a mother of her forsure

    If anyone else has tried her pleaseeee let me know

    HotCheetos Active Member

    There are people who have done grow reports and smoke reports here and elsewhere. It seems like one of the hardiest strains G13 Labs has to offer and a great representation of Cheese at a good price.


    That thread has other people who grew it and did journals, too. Everybody says that it was a difficulty free to grow plant but that it might need a little staking to support large, heavy colas.
    Nice problem to have, eh!

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