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G13 Labs - C99?!?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by themanwiththeplan, Mar 13, 2013.


    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    Anyone finish growing the G13 C99s?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    You didn't know? everyone thinks G13labs doesn't have the fire....
    It's their loss, you guys think your going to find special plants buying single beans?

    I found 2 PExp. in a 5pack that were top shelf hard nugs, the other 3 were avg. high yield with low flavor/potency.
    Should be easy to find the killer keepers in a 5pk. Their OG13 was all above avg. with one real winner(4/5 germ.)
    The keepers seem to stretch more + yield less, but have much higher potency+better flavors.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    same genetics just different names its what a lot of breeders they don't breed their own they buy from a big producer and give them different names for different companies its mostly the fem companies that do it. its a really shady business but their are a few legit breeders out there.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    You must be the all-knowing marijuana Jesus...right?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    What other "breeder" has Pineapple Express (photoperiod)? It must be mass produced from these people too!

    dolamic Well-Known Member

    Would you like a pickle roll?

    tokingtiger Well-Known Member

    been growing Pineapple Express for a couple years, it is by far the favorite of the land. I was reading that this is just like PE but an upgrade, have seeds coming and well, we all know it will be about 5 months before I know. :+) the 7-8 week budding time is same as PE and im excited about this also. I already have double tall boy filters as the PE stank that much. Good luck to anyone growing this and i hope it turns out as good or better than their PE.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there will be keepers+average plants, you can't avoid a few average plants.
    G13labs hasn't let me down yet, a keeper in every pack so far.

    I'm spoiled from the clone-only around me; so it has to display something real special for me to give it keeper status!

    taipanspunk Active Member

    ...I thought this was a very good theory...
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    IMe g13s genetics are pretty mediocre not too bad tho I say why not try it since they are pretty cheap. U can find keepers from any company if u grow enough packs I'd say
    I have grown c99 from female seeds I had two phenos one that was a VEry heavy yielder they seemed pretty legit I chopped some at 42 days and it was a very nice sativa high can't beat that in 7 weeks anyways that's just my .02

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Mediocre...YOu haven't tried the more expensive beans apparently!
    My worst G13labs bean wasn't as bad as some of the expensive beans I've bought.
    AkA Cali Connect+RP/DNA+OGraskal>not saying there isn't fire in exp. beans, but I didn't find them.

    G13labs has a taller phenotype which tested higher THC% then the clone-only here in Cali ~19.39%(clone-only)/21.62%(my keeper).
    They are buying my clones now...

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried their C99, Pineapple Exp. is my motivation+day-time smoke.
    The thing about new breeder's is there isn't any stability(including G13labs)
    The beans are all S1 + it's almost impossible to find identical plants in S1 strains.
    I enjoy the search for special plants + perfectly stable strains wont produce anything but the same plant.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    I've found some great OG13 phenotypes, not quite like real OG.
    Majority of phenotypes have the lemon/pinesol/fuel/hash flavors + head/body combination buzz.
    I found a phenotype that I'm going to have tested with Pinesol+hash flavor, but low yield.
    The lemon-fuely tasting ones aren't quite as potent, but yield double.

    They created a nice strain with OG13, and I'm glad they didn't just call it "og kush".
    The RP/DNA OG kush(plain>not #18) didn't impress me as much...
    OG18 did impress me(stock from 3 yrs. ago), but now the clones are available @ dispensaries.
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member

    The outdoor c99 has auto genes in it. Their c99 is real c99. Am growing it again. I also still have orig. Bros Grimm c99 beans. It is true to the original with the pineapy pheno. Very trippy indeed.

    aknight3 Moderator

    i have heard there are a fewdecent c99s out there, but nothn like the original, i have grimm bros stock f2 c99s and i have grown 1 or 2 seed c99 from other companies and they never turn out as well as my grimm bros f2s. good luck
    Kite High

    Kite High Well-Known Member

    These FS cindies are just like my BROS GRIMM c99 pineapple phenoes.
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I should add that I've only tried g13's ww,blue venom,blueberry gum, cheese, raw diesel
    Also should add that I've tried a LOT of different breeders. Hundreds.
    Some of my favs are gage green bodhi DNA/RP ograskal soma serious mr nice mandala
    and several others.. And yeah they are more expensive. U will find duds in expensive gear and keepers from cheap seeds
    Female seeds c99 was on point like i said they r one of the cheapest breeders and people can hate all they want but Barney's farm pineapple chunk has a place in my garden and even ghs I had a keeper lemon skunk (took lots of packs to find ONE)

    Like I said g13 doesn't really stack up. FOR THE PRICE they aren't bad I don't always have 100 bucks to drop on seeds and they are a breeder u should CONSIDER if ur on a budget
    That said I'd like to try all of their strains cuz that's just what I do try every strain I can bc u never know u may do d the one I e been lookin for if their og13 is anything like og18 I'd cop it. And I have been wanting to run sour candy but its always out of stock
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    image.jpg image.jpg
    Got a little off subject expensive vs affordable beans but here is c99 from female seeds I'd reccomend them bc they are cheap and legit even tho I'm not really a sativa guy(only in the am)
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    kindnug Well-Known Member

    One question... are you talking full packs or singles?
    I've never grown those G13labs strains, only the new ones PE/CHZ/OG13/SourJack

    Finding a keeper with singles is laughable...DNA had some terrible phenotypes in the packs I bought
    I buy 2-4 packs when I try a strain> PE(3pk)/CHZ(3free beans)/OG13(4pk.)/Sourjack(2pk.)
    I found a keeper in almost every 5 pack(except CHZ > was just avg)

    3packs DNA OG18(double the price) Most $ I've ever spent on a strain + be dissapointed.
    One real keeper out of 3 pk. and it was killer sour nugs, but most people don't buy 3 packs.

    I'm in Cali, so a majority of buds don't impress me.
    Over 20% THC on the G13labs keepers I've had tested proves to me they are keepers.
    The dispensary buys my Pineapple Express+OG13 clones+bud which is a good sign of quality.
    +OG18 is sold regularly there and it has similar test results.
    These Fem. breeders need to work on STABILITY.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Looks like a heavy yielder + legit, If I needed a Sativa I'd try C99.
    I'm into hybrids + mostly indica plants

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