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Further Proof the Tea Party is anti American

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dukeanthony, Oct 23, 2011.


    dukeanthony New Member

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A national Tea Party group wants business owners to stop hiring! That's right. Tea Party Nation posted a pledge online Tuesday asking small business owners to stop creating jobs and sink our economy even further as a protest.
    The organization says President Obama and the Senate want to destroy the country's economy so they can remake the U.S. into a socialist country. The irony is that halting job creation would destroy our economy.
    Tea Party Nation's call says, in part:
    "I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased.
    'I'm on strike!'"
    Tea Party Nation is one of the two major tea party organizations, and the group had Sarah Palin as their keynote speaker at their convention this year. The group also boasts at least six smaller groups around the Bay Area, but some of them told 10 News they want nothing to do with this strike against job creation.
    Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, has taken to national TV and rallies across the country to spread the Tea Party's message.
    At a rally in Wisconsin several weeks ago, Phillips told the crowd, "You know what? I like the rich. I like the rich so much I want everybody to be rich, whereas socialism, their idea, wants everybody to be poor."
    However, Judson himself could be sending people to the poor house with the plan from Tea Party Nation calling for business owners to stop hiring in protest of President Obama and the Senate.
    Kristina Gionet, co-organizer of local Tea Party group, Pinellas Patriots, doesn't like Democrats' handling of the economy either. Still, Gionet says this strike from the Tea Party Nation just goes way too far. "For a conservative group to send out a call to ask those businesses, who are in a position to, to not hire people I think is against the American way."
    Gionet also told us it's "unfortunate" this group shares the Tea Party affiliation with the Pinellas Patriots. "The website says 'Tea Party' doesn't it? ...and the initiative is right there," she pointed out. "But this particular group that has called for this initiative does not have central command, if you will, of the Tea Party network."
    The Tampa 912 Project, another local Tea Party group, also told 10 News they do not support this call to stop job creation. Karen Jaroch, organizer of Tampa 912, says they're not even affiliated with the Tea Party Nation even though the group lists Tampa 912 as a local affiliate.
    No one from Tea Party Nation responded to requests from 10 News for comment.


    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Should small businesses owners even be allowed to voice opinions differing from the lefts view?

    What really keeps small businesses from growing an contributing more to the economy is excessive taxes an regulations.
    (the same forces that caused the soviet union to collapse)

    But scocialists care more about dividing the pie stead of how to make our economic pie grow.

    azman Active Member

    i had an opinion but forgot what it was because scarhole's avatar hypnotised me.

    dukeanthony New Member

    So How much where taxes in the Soviet Union?

    sso Well-Known Member

    he´s not doing anything to infringe on the freedom of others.

    he´s following his beliefs.

    if america is the land of the free, how is this unamerican? (i cant say i agree with his methods though)

    dukeanthony New Member

    Wishing for the worst to happen to the USA is An American Value?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    I see leftists who only believe the worst about America teach our kids there "blame america fitst" warped version of history with us as the villain.
    I believe many are anarchists a wish only chaos an pain on America.

    The USSR used to seize all property an wealth for mother Russia.
    An they gave you back enough to live on.
    Now i hear they have a flat tax system over there(14%?).
    Much simpler an fairer than our tax codes.

    Would you also say that the left protesters against oil/ war ect are antiAmerican an trying to destroy the economy because they encourage folks to be jobless an protest?

    dukeanthony New Member

    Can you Be specific?

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Can you list the qualities one needs in order to be categorized as "Anti-American'?

    dukeanthony New Member

    Yeah I can start by saying

    Advocating for harm to come to the United States just becuase you dont get your way in a Democracy

    Then yes you are Anti American

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Harm? Wouldn't firing people cause harm?

    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    why would someone sign something like that? what if people working for you quit(rare in this economy, but its just hypothetical)? are you just not supposed to replace them? thats like committing business suicide. why would a person that worked hard to open a business and keep it running sign this thing?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Rage Aginst the Machine ?

    I agree this is a Stupid protest!??!
    The busness owners are simply downsizing their Payroll.
    They exect just as much work with less help.
    Become more effecient or they fire you first.
    Capitolism isnt nice.
    But pressure makes dimonds.
    Charlie Ventura

    Charlie Ventura Active Member

    Under communism, the government owns the means of production, all capital and all property. So, one could say that the taxes in the Soviet Union stood at 100%.

    If citizens have no right to property, they have no right to their own humanity. Keep in mind that the loss of economic liberty also means the loss of political liberty. In other words, the citizens of the Soviet Union lived as slaves under the jack boot of the god state.

    Remember the above the next time you wail for income redistribution through government force. It has very negative consequences.

    dukeanthony New Member

    Name a successful Country that deoesnt have any taxes

    deprave New Member

    America. We are in the first century of taxes, wake the fuck up they robin us bro. The next century is going to think we were a bunch of retards for giving away our money to the government thats controlled by the big mega-banks.

    Whats that got to do with anything he said? he said communism essentially means your taxes are 100% and hes right.

    You think the soviet union worked out pretty good or something? I don't understand? You think china is doing pretty good? (They are pretty good at harvesting organs, murder, and slavery..Ill give you that)

    Duke why don't you tell us how you really feel?

    wait your from Cuba or something aren't you? Omg I figured it out...purple kush just granted me that revelation. fucking it admit it dude, your from cuba or near there. You fucking got a che poster don't you? Rock on brospeh!

    Canna Sylvan

    Canna Sylvan Well-Known Member

    Let me understand this correctly. When Obama promises new jobs, but we actually continue to lose them, that's a revolution for civil rights and gets you a Nobel Peace Prize. But, if a group protests Obama do nothing to force him to do what he promised by enacting a hiring freeze, that's unamerican? Wow, call me confused.

    dukeanthony New Member

    You havent been paying attention. We are getting new jobs. If we werent Unemployment would be in the double digits

    And I never said the Soviet Union was a good thing. I asked
    What successful country doesnt have taxes
    Mr Neutron

    Mr Neutron Well-Known Member

    Some extremists here continually exaggerate the facts in an attempt to validate their ignorant rants. If someone argues against individual income tax, that means that they are against ALL taxes. If a group that has Tea Party as part of their name and does something questionable then ALL Tea Party organizations are to blame.
    These are the anti Americans, the ones who want to take away private property, redistribute wealth as they see fit, shut down opposing voices and pretend that America really began in 1913.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Why cant someone start a coffee party? Has there ever been one? mmmmmm something to think about.

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