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Fungus Gnats

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by LosAngelesGraff, Jan 19, 2008.


    LosAngelesGraff Well-Known Member

    i have a lott of fungus gnats.

    and i put alott of lady bugs in the grow tent. will they eat the gnats ??

    VintageGrow Active Member

    Ladybugs will eat the adult gnats, but do nothing for the fungus gnat larvae, which can eat the roots right out from under your plants.

    Fungus gnat larvae can only survive in a consistently moist environment (which is why they are so prevalent in hydro systems). If you're in soil/containers, just let the pots go completely dry in between waterings for a couple of cycles, and fungus gnats should be greatly reduced.

    In hydroponics, get some "Mosquito Dunks", which have the same form of natural pesticide (Bt), which kills the fungus gnat larvae in the growing medium. Break one of the dunks into quarters and thoroughly mix a quarter dunk with every gallon of water and flush your growing media once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. Fungus gnats should disappear by that point.

    Hope this helps.

    LosAngelesGraff Well-Known Member

    yeah, it did thanks.

    i have a bad feeling they are the reason that my plants have been stunted in groth so badly.

    also in my attempts to treat the problem i didnt realize that the larva would be in the soil although i might have on a sub consious level.

    what brings these gnats about in soil grows?
    i want to try prevent this in future grows with out the use of pestasides.

    Etool46n2 New Member

    i have found if you include a few of the fly strips (long stick paper) this takes care of the problem.

    LosAngelesGraff Well-Known Member

    what brings these gnats about in soil grows?
    i want to try prevent this in future grows with out the use of pestasides.

    VintageGrow Active Member

    I don't know what brings them... only that they will survive and thrive only in a media that is consistently moist. By letting your potting mix dry out completely in between waterings (not to the point of wilt, but just before), fungus gnats cannot survive.

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    I have heard the gnats come with most miracle grow soils as an added bonus. I know they came with mine!
    Good Luck!

    budforever442200 Well-Known Member

    most of the time they come on the clones, and or walking outside then going into ur room. cleaness is KEY!


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