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Fuck my Neighbor

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Constiello, Jun 15, 2013.


    Constiello Active Member

    Fat pregnant lady purposely let their little, annoying stereotypical bitchy female chihuahua out while my lady was smoking her cig.

    This is not the first time. also- I've been out there with my gal like so before, and their dog was either inside or held and chained

    You can loudly fucking hear the sarcastic "ohh do you want to go outside do you yeah!"

    Fucking dog does indeed bite, as I have before (but thought nothing being a first and new to the apartment complex; +karma) experienced.

    When the annoying dog is allowed to be chained outside, no true harm but honestly why the fuck does the dog bark at every little sound.
    I have my house plants at a two pane window facing east, in which faces the neighbors apartment along with hosting their patio and dog's boundries

    keep in mind no fence other than around the entire complex

    BECAUSE of this being shaped rectangular including the fence, the single path from each end narrowly passes the neighbors apartment, of course

    and walkers get bit on the god damn way or yelled at by a chomp-chomp in a chihuahua's body

    I'm fairly certain our friendly mailman has gotten bitten before, and for damn sure I do see him walking on the rocks going barely around the reach of the dog

    See, yeah it's just a little damn dog but, I would rather not pollute my city further with crime, though I fucking would love to

    Also same neighbors whom allowed their children to depot my plants, photographed evidence before and seen with eyes a second
    That poor potato plant of ours. How I watched him grow from my own damn hand's selection in the bag, the chosen one to live on rather end up the fate as literal shit

    I'm frustrated as I cannot along with my lady enjoy our yard as sometimes you just can't hear that damn dog coming out, chasing us
    plus I let my cat out for fresh air and excersize- she is dewclawed and never fought, chubby loving sunshine

    They're beginning to give us dirty looks as they walk by nearly every 2-4 hours or so (not that I am entitled to peace and control of the single sidewalk)

    but fuck this. Morally I should just tell a manager, but it might not be so good (not giving reason bad or good) and I would rather deal with this by confronting them

    what you all suggest


    Happened again tonight some time ago, got the standard dirty stare after from the pregnant fat lady.



    LetsGetCritical Well-Known Member

    I hate my neighbours too. Well one of them

    taobert New Member

    I'm not sure why I, or others post in "legal edge" forums- where your chance of finding law-related information in minimal to say the least. That being said, I find your writing style interesting. All I can gather from it, with my lousy reading comprehension is:

    Pregnant lady with dog harasses you because she knows you grow/smoke.

    It sounds like it should be handled with people skills. Most problems are caused by lack of communication. If you cannot communicate with her effectively... Or on her level, then you will never resolve it. You could try disarming her- buy a teddy bear or something nice and see how she responds to you after that.

    Don't forget, you are fighting against government propaganda. She probably thinks weed will kill her babies brain cells. Educate her.

    GOD HERE Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind this woman has filed reports against me for feeding a stray cat in the past before passing judgement on me for doing this.

    You have one good option to rid yourself of the anger your feeling. I've done this in the past with some success with my current neighbor who also owns a dog. She puts her little shit head dog on a leash on the porch and leaves him there. So one day, after she left the little prick was barking FOR NO REASON, just like he does all day every day. Long story short, I hopped her porch, stood about 2 feet from the dog, and while he was barking at me I pissed on his face. Not my proudest moment, but the dog and the woman are evil.

    taobert New Member

    You know they sell devices which emit a high pitched frequencies which can teach the dog to never bark at you again.

    I don't care for chihuahuas either.
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    Strike up a conversation about Jerry Springer or something stupid and you will be on talking terms.
    The rest is easy after that.

    taobert New Member

    I think rollitup gets trolled by law enforcement cause pigs are the ones to consider "stomping somethings head in" as a viable solution

    spandy Well-Known Member

    Im not a cop, and I can vouch that ''stomping somethings head in" would indeed be a viable solution to stop an attacking animal, especially one of this size as it's head is all ready so close to the ground, it wouldn't take any type of acrobatics to get the right angle, and the stomping action surely would end any type of attack that this type of dog has mustered.

    A larger dog might be a different story, might need a stick to poke it's eyes out first.
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    ricky1lung Well-Known Member

    Report her to the landlords for now and animal control if it bites again.

    All you can do is take the proper legal steps to have the situation resolved. Try to get
    it on vid as it is attacking you, take pics of any injury.

    Killing the dog is not a solution, she will probably just get another dog.
    Having her and the pet removed from the complex
    is the best solution for you and your neighbors. The owner is the issue, try to have her
    removed from the equation.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    i understand this is a state/city thing..but where i am it is illegal to have your dog chained outside,also to be off a leash..i wouldnt hurt the little chihuaua but i wouldnt hesitate to strike an attacking dog (my neighbors pit attacked my dog,mine was on its leash of course, needless to say the pit "walked" away with a few broken ribs, the neighbor came before death)... i know an elderly lady who was mauled also a lady who has lost a kid over peoples damn dogs. you do what you gotta do....in this case call animal control and have it put down!!!

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Did it ever come to your attention that this fat lady may not be feeding the lil guy properly . Food aggression can make a dog mad and perhaps you remind him of a bone . I would carry some dried meat or hot dogs and use them to bond with the little shit verses crying about it and the owner . Maybe grill a few dogs for her as well and then you might be on her better side and less of a shitty neighbor

    kine Member

    just grab some black pepper or some really hot pepper and blow that shit in his face rofl..

    Constiello Active Member

    No weed plants here =D

    They could know that I and family smoke however I really doubt it... months we've been loud around the coughing lol

    That dog is well fed. They spoil their little dog.

    Honestly it really seems as if she just harasses us with stupid little shit not that it gets to us but is quite a bitch move

    No way will I try to win their good side, the husband is a parolee from prison under constant piss test (they did heroin n other hard shit) along with the lady who is really jealous
    Jealous because when my mother moved in here first few months (I wasn't here) the neighbor lady did tell her some past... not sure why but I know my mother isn't lying

    and so TL;DR

    She is jealous of my lady and worries her husband will cheat on her/look at younger pretty gals (as he has in their past) likewise my girl.

    It's wrong to judge but it's a pretty damn solid conclusion.

    Now is to handle the communication as you guys have wonderfully suggested.

    I plan to catch one of them walking by, and simple say my few sentences strongly and throughroughly.
    after I will walk away and smoke because I know that would fucking make me better than all of them there, instead of yelling about how upset we are because of their actions

    and also concluded I will be emailing or reporting my landlord's company as anonymous
    also going to ask mailman for his brief info (also we know him and he's chill- should go swell)

    Impman Well-Known Member

    Video tape it and get this shit on Youtube. Sounds hilarious... wish I could record you, you sound way too pissed. lol

    taobert New Member

    I think its a great point the OP brings up- is that we should never tolerate violence in any form, nor instigate it with others. I'm not suggesting what is best for you, but I know what's best to help further the cause. There is a point where you have to stand up for yourself and tell your neighbor you don't want to put up with it anymore, and that your cannabis use is your business, not hers. Just be kind.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Chihuahuas do not even qualify as real dogs, and are annoying:

    Next time it barks, toss the little varmint a ball of cheese with habanero pepper seeds in the center.
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    boedhaspeaks Well-Known Member

    Pregnant woman and hormones. Have fun :)

    taobert New Member


    phyxel Active Member

    put alot of clothes on you so dog cant bite you , then go and strangle him(then chop him into pieces you'l need that for later) / bury him alive your choice,now if you go with first one sneak into her house and put the half of dog pieces in her bed and with dog's blood on wall write this: ''Leave this place and never return or you and your baby dies'' and if she stays kill her too i guess and other half burn it in her house for pleasant smelling house...and if you go with second option well while she sleeps tie her to something and drag her to the hole where the dog is and make her watch as her poor little puppy get bury alive,when you kill that cunt dog then beat the pregnant bitch really hard(id hit her with shovel) and say that you will kill her and eat her baby while shes still half alive...

    spandy Well-Known Member

    Really, even with the poking the dogs eyes out with a stick comment, you really thought I was serious?

    Well, I guess that's your problem then, ladies. Let it bother you if you want it to I guess. Flame on. Im going to go cry in the corner in shame that people didn't understands my sarcasms on the interwebz.

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