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Fuck Fuck, Fuck the New World Order FUCK THE ILLUMINATI

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by First Time Growin, Dec 19, 2009.

    First Time Growin

    First Time Growin Active Member

    To all my Canadian Revolutionist's(and all of you around the world), Enjoy!

    "Do you want Hexochlorbenzene sprayed on your farm?

    Do you wanna damage your DNA ?
    Cuz that's what fluoride does to you and you drink it every day"


    I advise you to open up the link if you cant hear all the lyrics and read them in the description, cause it's all truth rap...

    SocataSmoker Well-Known Member


    and proud...

    the stuff you post, utter bullshit.

    cph Well-Known Member

    OH COME ON!!! You don't believe the world is run by lizards??:lol:

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    He didnt say anything about the free masons. Or are you just trying to show us something here.....

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    Who said if you believe Illuminati exists you think lizards run the world....

    cph Well-Known Member

    Most people who believe they exist as far as I can tell...

    What I don't get is why they call it the "New World Order" then claim they've been running the world for thousands of years. Doesn't sound real "New" to me.

    I didn't watch the video he posted because I've seen a dozens just like it.:peace:

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    new world order is the movement towards one world government lol

    never heard that lizard thing to
    First Time Growin

    First Time Growin Active Member

    Okay, you guys are smoking TOO MUCH WEEED idunno nothing about no lizards but I do know the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer..
    Also this is a song, not no conspiracy video CPH, so thank you Oh SO Kindly for your ignorance, it is much appreciated.
  9. It's Hexa- not Hexo- by the way and you have no clue what that is or does to crops or humans. It's production has been completely stopped for some time...
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I think many people are blindly being lead into this post-democratic era... I commend you for trying.
  11. I think many if not all people try to find a greater meaning when there is none to be found in the area they are looking.
    Straight up G

    Straight up G New Member

    Know that for a fact do you?
  13. ??? Dude? Excuse me but are you blind? Read the quote and ask yourself if I know that fact once more.

    guestrollitup New Member

    I simply do not give a fuck.

    cph Well-Known Member

    LMAO!!!!!! Ignorance??? I watched the video just for you.:hug:

    You're right it's not a conspiracy video, it's a poorly composed and performed song about the conspiracy videos all over the web.:peace:

    001 Active Member

    reptilians = fallen angels

    check our project bluebeam might be something to it
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    nj10ii Well-Known Member

    Ditto. And lighten up and live a little.
    That's the secret you know

    newworldicon Well-Known Member

    Actually it's the nephilim born of the annunaki that were supposedly the fallen angels, not the reptilians. The plumarians speak of the reptilians aka shapeshifters.

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