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fuck Chemdog D

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by K1Ng5p4d3, Nov 20, 2008.


    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    LOL sorry bout the title --So BcBud Depot has yet another installment in their quest to obtain the purest form of the original Chemdog 91 clone only strain. They took one of the REAL Chemdog clones, and they pollenated it with their Chemdog D strain. (Chemdog D is NYC Diesel x OG Kush) - So now that they have gotten their hands on the REAL dawg, their gonna keep backcrossing it until they have it perfect. They seem to think that theyre pretty fuckin close though lol

    https://www.bcbudonline.com/seed_packs.php?seedID=2082&category=Elite Genetics

    ULTIMATE CHEMDAWG -- apparently its the same as the OG Chem, only with better yields. I say the proof is in the pudding, and aint believin shit til i see somebody on here grow it, or until i fuckin save up the 225 bucks it costs for a tenner n pick one up my damn self n grow it. Maybe ill skip a couple purchases at the Tude for this one man. Well see...

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    225 dollars? lol

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    I know man, maybe thats canadian i cant remember, but even still thats like 175 bucks american. Do u think its worth the cash if its THAT close to the original Chem strain?? i mean, chemdawg IS a legend, creating OG kush n NYC Diesel aint exactly nothin to sneeze at, lol.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    sounds like you are buying the name. it's all just pot.
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    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    just dont buy hype...

    i have purchased hype hundreds of times.

    Who will be our test subject?

    stunned Green Thumb of God

    I don't pay over 50 bucks for a pack of seeds. Name brand value only goes so far.
    THC levels have peaked at 20-30% depending on the grower and there are many strains that will get you there. From there it is personal preference and 225.00 is a pricey personal preference over a 30 dollar white widow.

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    i do definitely hear what you guys are sayin, n im with you on it, but i mean cmon, the chemdog strain is gonna be expensive no matter what version of it it is. Its unfortunate, but thats what it is man. And yeah, i do agree that when it all boils down its all still just pot, but for a conneseur (n fdd i DO consider you to be a conneseur, lol), wouldnt you think that being able to have a rare strain like that be tempting?? I would think so personally, but i dont have such an experienced pallate as you guys do who are more seasoned growers, or have clubs nearby that you can get every strain under the sun from, u know what i mean?? im in meager ass ohio, n its hard to find some REAL REAL good shit sometimes. theres always "dro" floatin around, but that shit doesnt compare to the stuff that all of us are growing around here on RIU. Were all growing Amsterdam quality pot - MEdical quality pot, and even for the freebies that we get from our seedbanks, some people would pay 60 1/8 for in some places man.

    I guess its all about where you live, and the availability of the good shit that makes stuff like what im gettin excited about, insignificant to a degree. But yeah, its all pot when it boils down to brass tax :D

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i just left the club, shelves full of everything. i may go back tomorrow and finally get my "cheese". we all know it's what it says it is because we are all regular customers. one buys the cuttings, flowers them, then returns with the meds to vend. they've been thru the loop so i trust the label on the cube. :eyesmoke:

    i've tried 100 strains in the past few years. not one of them stands out as "spectacular". there are many wonderful strains but none really better than the other. it only gets so good. unless i'm missing something.

    i just picked this up, ... View attachment 246685 View attachment 246686
    BatMaN SKuNK

    BatMaN SKuNK New Member

    idk. i jus got a free pack of snow queen from tga. chemdog's snowdog x tga's spacequeen from a breeder over at breedbay. 10 seeds.. free. the kind folks at tga give away freebies to loyal fans quite often. subcool f*cking rocks!

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    well, you my friend are one lucky bastard. Especially to get some freebies from Subcool himself, lol. Pot celebs are great :D put in a good word for good ole K1, would ya ;)

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Lemme tell ya Fdd, that god damn tray has seen some fuckin action, lol. I frequent your Strain of the week thread to check out what your puffin on lately n THAT is why i call you a true conneseur. Your fuckin awesome man, seriously what i aspire to become as far as being a grower goes. Truly a greenthumb cultivator if ive ever seen one man. N the strains you GROW are more often than not better lookin than the strains that you BUY dude. you truly have a knack for this thing of ours, and if im ever in Cali, i would love to burn one with ya. My wifes got family out in Upland, n i dont know dick about Cali, so i dont know how far that is from ya, but ill be up there this summer, so ill be sure to plan a harvest around that time, cuz were road trippin it rather than flyin (I love to drive man, id drive from here to the Dam if there was some typa fuckin chunnel thatd let me do it!!), so maybe ill bring a Z or two n we can mix n match man. Itd be an honor :D

    LOL---now THAT sounded like a proffessional ass-kissing session. Its cool though, cuz i got mad respect for FDD, so its whatever, say what you will. Everyone new to this thing of ours should be taking a page from the book of people like this dude. Hes a proven success story hundreds of times over, n We all can only hope to have that much un-fucked with-success in our growing carreers. Mad props Fdd, on some serious shit.

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    rofl @ $225...

    hey fdd whens the last time you seen a chemdog clone go for more than $12.00? :lol:

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    we've got the bread down here too... it's nice stuff. is yours really dense too?
    Master Kush

    Master Kush Well-Known Member

    If the seeds cost more than the actually bud then there's a big problem there.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    yes, very dense. very stony as well. :eyesmoke:bongsmilie

    dazed76 New Member

    225 for 10 seeds i hope lol that looks a little lke hempstar nice buds

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    you guys are bastards, lol. Living in Cali must be the shit man - being able to buy clones of any bomb ass shit you want to for the cheap. This is why it needs to be the same all over the country, so people who are in need can get the medication they need.

    -- a question for all you guys who have medical cards...

    I was in a car accident about 5 years back, and as a result, have torn every ligament in my right knee, and most of them in my left. Since then i have had a couple surgeries, and its only made my knees worse. Ive been offered to be put on Oxycontin 20mg, but ive had bad experiences with opiates in the past, n i dont feel like becoming a junkie slave to some fuckin pill. Would i qualify for a medical card out in cali?? N if so, whats the cost of living like out there? is it fairly reasonable, n whats minimum wage out there??

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I'm no doctor but I am sure you wouldn't have much trouble... but like I said, I'm not doc.

    Brandawg92 Active Member

    Hey guys I have an incredible Chemdawg strain and I want to identify it. I got it from a very secretive grower who bred it. Got a bunch of seeds and they all look identical when grown. Smells a bit like og but yield WAYY fatter. And is probably stonier than the og was too. Very dark green leaves and very light green buds
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    Chemdawg d isn't nycd x og. But I have seen that posted before. Not your fault. there's a whole story on it.. people pretty radical on it... check out socal seeds, you'll love em. Socal dawg- chem d clone x chem d male, for like fifty bucks! There ya go brotha!

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