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Fruit Flies!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Echodrone420, Apr 12, 2008.


    Echodrone420 Active Member

    or maybe gnats? i just looked up fruit flies and these dont look like them these look like gnats to me little black flies but i found a bunch crawling around my soil like little baby ones please tell me how i could get rid of these without harming my plants
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    put at least a 1 cm of sand (corse grit sand) is best, as a mulch then the gnats cant lay their eggs.

    capncash Well-Known Member

    Does it look like this? fungus gnats

    You need some mosquito dunks from Home Depot or something with BT bacteria in it to kill the larvae. Gnatrol. and pyrethum spray for the adults.

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    Are you using MG Organic soil? It's filthy with gnats.

    growinman Well-Known Member

    ....you also may want to try DE(diatomacious earth) mixed in the top of your soil and on top as well. This will take care of the larvie and any egg layers. DE is completely natural(fossilized shells) and totally lethal to anything softbodied that comes in contact with it<----pest wise.
    ....also: the yellow sticky traps work good for the fliers

    good luck!


    Coop25 Well-Known Member

    i had the same prob dude, ppl on here told me not to water as much, and now they r gone
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    Echodrone420 Active Member

    Thanks coop25,growinman,capncash,and widowman im going to try your methods and tell you how it all works out! But yes picasso345 i am using MG organic soil i am also using MG moisture control in another pot becuase i ran out of organic they both have bugs.

    capncash Well-Known Member

    yes definelty cut the watering by half, at least

    6seven Active Member

    I have been having the same problem its taken me a week and half to get rid of the critters. I used a a organic solution designed to target the larvea i used it twice. Its called vitalink Gnat off. I used it once and let the soil dry out and used the old skool clapping hand action to kill as many with my bear hands and layed lots of fly traps above and at the base of the plants. I repeated the process and seem to have everything under control now. Also make sure nothing can get in to the grow space from the outside eg curtain nets near windows etc.

    Echodrone420 Active Member

    alriight thanks alot guys im going out today to find some of these solutions to my problem
    General Anesthetic

    General Anesthetic Well-Known Member

    Do a soil bath with some Neem Oil to kill the larvae. Then spray the leaves with it as well. Do this every two days for a week or so and you should be good.

    jm30 Well-Known Member

    How harmful are these little bastards. I thought mine were fruitflies but whatever.. I tried the no pest strips they work ok. They don't seem to be hurting anything.

    chronicprince Well-Known Member

    I had these flies outdoors and it was from using michoriza other micro organisms in the soil...

    If they are alive its a good sign for the quality of the soil and environment but they can be a problem indoors..


    containers with sugary liquid in them ... put a cone of paper in the top of the bottle....

    a bucket hung from the cieling with a black light inside combined with sticky paper...

    plan before you plant and clean like a fiend

    kayasgarden Well-Known Member

    if the larvae get too over populated in the soil they can do damage. Not the flies but what hatches from their eggs.
    I use all organic and the gnats love my moo doo. I also feed various things that keep them well feed. My plants got skinny yellow leaves thay curl under and it stunts the plant.
    I went to Better grow Hydro and got gnatrol

    GrowProfessor Member

    i had this problem in my indoor startoff. put strawberries in my soil . makes my plants grow fast but attracts the nats. i just let it go. i had flys,bees,nats,even a little fungus in my soil. i just kept stirring and kept watering they never harmed my plant in any way except maybe a couple leaf-holes.... although i just added strawberries to it again its a month and a half old... i think ill get some worms and rocks to put in my soil.... and yes MG is loaded with them. i just hope they dont harm my plant...

    Mushmind62 Member

    I read garlic chopped up. tried it and it didn't work. May not have to worry about vampires though. Just a thought. I had some little fly type thingy . And they have calmed down now..I'm in the suoth east. and these little flies were horrible!! All people around me had them to.So I was lad it were'nt just the funny plants in my house.

    Punk Well-Known Member

    Gnats is one of the many ingredients NOT listed on the bag. Dormant knat eggs is one of their signature secret additives. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, it's what makes the weed soooo good, gives it the fruity flavor.

    Stoneshield Active Member

    ive had this problem and an old hippie told me neem oil wont work for gnat larva. sand will work but is unappealing and difficult to water with. any of ur organic pest killers will do the trick. im personally gonna try watering with Zero Tolerance. worked to cure my spider mites and makes ya room smell fresh as hell for a few days. goodtimez

    BPJR Member

    I just had a major infestation and it took all three of these simultaneously to completely remove the bastards from my garden. Use diatomacious earth as a soil topping. Get the yellow sticky traps asap. Use some Neem Oil in your feed water. The problem should be gone within a 10-14days

    The sticky traps are great. They will give you results almost immediately!

    Most importantly....... Don't over water

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