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    davesnothere872 Member

    Managed to get my hands on some Frisian Dew nugs, that a grower friend of mine brought back from his trip out to Cali. I am blazed off of it right now as I type, and the shit is incredibly dank, and I dare say even one of the dankest strains I have ever smoked, even surpassing Pineapple Express and GDP. Now I am hooked, and wanna order some seeds.

    Has anyone here had experience with growing this strain indoors? How many weeks did it take to fully mature? What was the average yield like from this strain? Any info you guys can give me on this strain will be greatly appreciated.

    davesnothere872 Member

    Is There Anybody Out There?...:bigjoint:

    mochadog70 Active Member

    I want to hear about this growing indoors. There's a few threads that I found, but haven't seen any specs yet.

    sodalite Active Member

    in my expierience when dealing with dutch passion add two weeks to whatever they say their plants will be done by outdoors. it may be just the differant climates im in the us they are in holland but they never finich when they say they are going to.

    ylem Active Member

    duuude i am currently about to help harvest a 6.5 foot frisian dew outdoor planted mid march this year. its looking like at least a 1 pound christmas tree with a 4 person trimming team working for possibly 1 or 2 hours cutting and trimming.
    bottom line - complete outdoor strain - there is literally no point in growing it indoors since it responds so well to sunlight and physical stress (wind/heat etc... we had a bruuutal summer) and i would highly recommend it as a medicinal strain. we tested a couple buds a week and a half ago and i was quite happy. im swayed. im growing a few of my own next year :D

    TheLastWood Well-Known Member

    Yeah literally no point in growing it indoors unless you can't have a 6 1/2 pot plant in your backyard.

    wil2279 Active Member

    I am growing a few Frisian dew outside this year, I am also growing about 6 other strains... I have to say that I am quite pleased with the Frisian dew and it will likely be the mainstay in next years crop. Looks like it is going to yeild well and is finishing up early in September! I hope it smokes as good as it looks!

    Skunk>1 Member

    When do you plan on cutting her down I have the same strain and she has been flowering since early july it's been close to 53 days want to keep her up for 6 more days but were getting rain for 4 of those six days nervous to cut her if she is not quite ready but don't want her to get bud mold she she is almost 3ft what do you think?

    grokillaz Active Member

    You should be good, I heard the strain is very mold resistant some even say unmoldable.

    wil2279 Active Member

    This strain will mold... Right now I have 2 phenos... As green one and a purple one. From what I can see, the purple pheno seems to be more mold resistant than the green pheno.

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