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Fresh Batch of RSO - Premium

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by Grow Goddess, Feb 15, 2013.

    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    I took on a new cancer patient, a complete stranger to me, just last Christmas.

    I had put up an offer to provide 60 grams of oil for free if someone was interested in just using RSO as an alternative treatment to fight cancer.

    The patient has been providing me with excellent feedback on how he has been feeling and what has been going on with his health since starting the oil. All of his symptoms are gone, hopefully the cancer is too, we will find out soon.

    Here is a picture of the second batch of oil that I gave him, which completed the 60 gram offer. I only use 99% isoporpyl alcohol for extracting the THC. This batch of oil came out rather dark. I ended up having to use a lot of Blueberry Jam bud, which is high in chlorophyll. Needless to say, it tasted excellent and was very potent.

    fresh cannabis oil.jpg

    I was a little worried that 60 grams may not be enough so I decided to offer him an additional 30 grams for free to make a total amount of 90 grams (90 cc's). He is at the point of making his own oil now, which is great. I still want him to take 30 more grams of mine before the next biopsy.

    This time I got to use more of my preferred strains for making oil, not all of them the way I wanted, but I did my best. I just got done with it and sampled one small drop, which made me feel good. I also vaped a little in my oil vape. I must say, it is the best oil I have vaped yet. Super ganja.

    I thought ya'll might enjoy this pics.

    It took 10 ounces of premium bud to make an elite, quality 36 grams of RSO (concentrated cannabis oil).
    2013_02140079 (800x600).jpg 2013_02140099 (800x600).jpg 2013_02140106 (800x600).jpg 2013_02140087 (800x600).jpg 2013_02140113 (800x600).jpg

    It was a little less oil than I thought I would get, but the quality makes up for it. I am content, at least I got to keep 6 grams for myself. :)
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    If your patient is ingesting this, I would say switch to grain alcohol/everclear definitely not healthy to eat iso alcohol produced product.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    If it is made correctly, I would have to disagree in regards to using iso. I have a patient who has been taking large doses for about two years with no issues or complaints. They are taking the oil for pain management.

    I agree that in some cases it could be safer with the grain alcohol.
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    As long as it is purged properly you're right. I just figure better safe than sorry. Don't want inexperienced people to think its the best way to do it. I am however very glad your patient has had good results. Power to the cannabinoids.

    woodsusa Well-Known Member

    I wonder what would happen if you made RSO from water cured weed? Probably wouldn't taste very good but doesn't water curing remove most of the chlorophyll? I'm just speculating. It was kind of you to help that person out.
    MI Dude

    MI Dude Member

    I think water-cured meds would help the taste if anything. But, I don't know anybody taking RSO for the taste. Blech!! ;)
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    People are a lot more concerned with the medicinal value of RSO than the taste. Besides that, chlorophyll also has medicinal value and is very good for your body, it's like an added benefit to the RSO IMO.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Yes, true. I have heard of some people having had bad experiences from taking meds (RSO) that was not made properly. The first symptom was migraines and then burning stomach.

    I have heard professional lab testing facilities from California discuss it. They also say, as long as it is purged right there is nearly zero remains of the alcohol. At least their testing equipment was not able to register anything when done right.

    I am like you, better to be safe than sorry. I feel that iso is the second safest way to make the oil. Grain alcohol would be the first with one exception. CO2 extraction would be the ultimate safest, but that is a set up that would cost over $30K from what I understand.

    The oil being extremely potent increases the safety IMO. That little droplet on the toothpick was a good enough dose for me. It kept me buzzed up for hours.

    HomeLessBeans New Member

    I finish mine with everclear.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Chlorophyll does make it taste like crap, that is for sure. The oil in the pictures above, there is virtually no chlorophyll. Ingesting it, it tastes so good, you almost cannot stop. Vaporizing oil from that batch, wow. The taste is incredible. I prefer the taste of that over any bud I have smoked.

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    You are clearly a wonderful person to help people out like you do Grow Goddess.

    What you are doing is commendable, and I for one would like to tip my hat to you.

    Keep up the great work!

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    That was a good read!

    Can you spread some light on your process?

    To get that kind of color I have to do a 70/30 wash. Basically separate the first and second wash and cook them separably.

    The 70 wash smells of Hawaiian flowers and is mildly dark amber and high in THC.
    IMG_2366.jpg IMG_2388.jpg

    The 30 wash is dark brown- black and smells of "plant" and makes you very relaxed. Higher in CBN I suppose.
    IMG_2379.jpg IMG_2398.jpg

    I have never done more then 2- 3 min washes. I have read that it comes out more hash like when you soak longer. How do you work it out? (I like to have the option to smoke, ingest or rub the oil)

    Also, everyone keeps talking about chlorophyll and how we don't want it. I'm a bit confused aside from taste and color it shouldn't have any ill effects on effectively medicating. It's this question that makes me second guess only 3min washes. So if the product is darker and more ill tasting but stronger and more concentrated because of a longer soak time. Wouldn't that outweigh the taste/color issue?
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    To answer your questions, yes and no.

    Nobody really knows about the long soak vs. short soak. Medicinally speaking, I do not know which is better. Rick Simpson would say the first wash would be by far the best, highest in THC and lowest in everything else. I guess I would have to agree, but again, I really do not know.

    Here is an example of my first wash and second wash oil. I use a frozen extraction method. The first wash oil is on the left in each picture.
    2013_03190064.jpg 2013_03190056.jpg

    What I do know is, the faster the wash, the cleaner, the better for me. Here is why, taste, taste, taste. :D

    I mix my best RSO with propylene glycol USP (medical/food grade PG) and I can put up to 3 grams into my new e-cigarette super vaporizer, and itazte SVD portable vaporizer. I can adjust the voltage and wattage to hit the perfect sweet spot of vaporizing. It is like a miniature light sabre with a half ounce of super bud at the push of a thumb. I quit combustion, I only eat and vaporize the oil now. The cleaner the oil the better for vaping. Medicinally speaking, the color is not all that important.

    I have found that High Desert Vapes has everything I need for my vaporizing. They have the best prices and best shipping. They are even making me a custom glass tank for my SVD vaporizer! I can't wait to get it.

    This is my favorite vape, itazte SVD by Innokin.

    Portable adjustable vaporizer.jpg

    My second favorite vape, eGo-C Twist variable voltage pen vape battery with a iClear 16 clearomizer.
    The Whoop Pen 6-11-13 010.jpg

    Lastly, these are some vapes I played around with recently. I have been moving up to some better stuff.
    Vaporizer Collection 6-11-13 011.jpg

    If you want to try it out without spending an arm and a leg, you can get a simple basic complete electronic cigarette kit from Dream Vapor for $25.99.

    F-Combustion! Vaping is the way for me! As for PG USP, it has made all the difference. Not only has it made vaporizing the best in my opinion, I added some to a topical mix I have and gave it to a patient to try. For the first time, the patient actually got some relief from a topical, he had not before this mixture.

    RSO does it all for me now.

    GregS Well-Known Member

    Just beautiful GG.

    Medical420MI Active Member

    Any update on the cancer patient?

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately for me I hate the taste of vapor Cannabis. It aftertastes of "reggie" Cannabis. Regardless of the flower taste or smell the aftertaste kills it for me. Also Vaporizer does not dose me like burning flowers does. (Everyone's different)

    That leaves me with oral application (which is limited "high); then "burning". (Which is best option for me)

    When you say frozen you mean QWIK? Freeze the flowers, ISO, and jar; then do a quick wash for 3 min?

    I do the same and I never get such a clear red like you do. How broken down is your flowers?

    Thanks for sharing mate.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    100% cancer free!

    He did choose surgery, but no follow up chemo or radiation. He is still taking maintenance doses.

    He was told by the doctors and surgeons that if he only chose surgery he would surely die. They removed more than necessary, much more (typical). He chose to do that to play it safe. That was really the only alternative they gave him vs. follow up with chemo and radiation. He is recovering from the surgery and there is no reason to believe that there is any cancer left whatsoever. They told him to come back in one year for a check up.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    I don't care for vaping buds at all really. I only like vaping concentrated RSO with PG USP.

    Yes, the buds in the jars and the iso in the freezer for 24 hours before processing. The buds are always whole and bone dry before placing in the freezer (in jars). During stripping the buds virtually fall apart.

    The color of the final product can vary with different strains. Some of my strains I will not use for making oil because they make the oil dark. Other than that, they do produce some potent oil.

    The all around best strain that I have used for making oil is a Space Queen dominant Querkle phenotype.

    My oil also comes out a nice color because I only use well manicured premium buds. The cream of my crops goes into making oil.

    I am vaping some of that oil right now with my innoken SVD and it is the whoop! There is no going back! Only one downside, it can be very costly. Very easy to consume large quantities!! No worries though, well up until I run out! LOL why ruin the buzz? LOL

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    Hum, I will have to try leaving the flowers more whole next time. Do you use any kind of purification process after you reduce the ISO to oil?

    I've seen others do a 3x ISO evaporate. A Grain Alcohol reduce and a water reduce.

    It looked like to me that the product reduced more through each process. (got smaller) Could be because worthless crap was removed, or good's taken in the additional boil/evap's..

    gotank420 Member

    GG i have been reading a lot of your posts about vaping with your svd. I currently use a MVP with a aerotank with glass 2.5ml tank and want to mix oil with it. If you could help me out on a mixture of oil to pg i would sure appreciate it. And what ohm coil you are using for it.

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