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Freezing temps in Colorado!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cheuston, Oct 5, 2012.


    cheuston Member

    Hello all, I've got a pretty sweet looking Maui plant from seed that I've been growing outdoors this summer here in Colorado. It's been getting rather cold this week, and the temperatures are supposed to drop tonight into the freezing range so I brought the plant inside, but I'd say that she needs at least another week or two before harvest time. The trichomes are milky colored now, not quite amber, and about 30 percent of the hairs have turned from white to red/orange. I'm wondering what the best way to keep her going would be.. I've got a grow tent inside going with a different lineup, but I don't want to risk contaminating with bugs/disease/anything weird. I was thinking possibly keep her in the closet for awhile in the dark? I've read about that with white widow and other strains. Anybody have some input? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Will try to post pics here shortly, camera issues at the moment.

    smokinrav Well-Known Member

    Your fine waiting out the cold for a day or three. Place her by a window or something to get her some light to maintain flowering, keep your 12/12 schedule intact (obviously) and drive on, private.

    You could be me. Drought and heat killed half my tomato harvest this year, so I now have 16 4' late season Romas flowering in 10 gallon containers, that i'll have to move in and out for the next three days. That's a PITA.

    Coho Well-Known Member

    Mine have been in frost for 4 nights now but I have a elevated clear plastic top over em now so the frost can't settle on em. Small fan to move air. So far so good. But only to 31 so far. Almost 70 day time.. Straw around the pots. Got an eye on em.

    cheuston Member

    Thanks for the insight everybody. She's inside by a window in the same room as my other girls. Maintaining bout 55-70 degrees depending on the time of day and when the other lights are on. I've heard colder temps can add to the purple color some strains have? Any thoughts on this? I don't want to purposefully make her cold if it's not going to do any good.

    knucklz Member

    Hi... I read recently that u want as little Amber trichromes as possible... Sounds to me like she's close to being done. Congrats. The info is under a sticky in this forum under "harvesting and curing"

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    I have a plant in the garage right now. It is sitting on a seed heat mat to keep it warm.

    zmc Member

    Hey there, I'm in same situation, Colorado, two days of frost coming, 29 degrees, but unable to move all inside. Should I pull or try to get two weeks more if they live through? Most trichromes are still clear, will content degenerate from the frosts and possible snow? I'm on the fence, any ideas?

    NavySEALsVet Active Member

    Hell yea bro I be up in the springs and pueblo area and its frozen out here over night temps just dropppped I went and bought a heater at Walmart to keep my indoor grow safe from freezing temps and 1000w helping a lot too I got my fans on low that's how cold its got lol

    Sweetnugs Member

    Yeah it was fuckin freezing the past couple nights, but yeah the 1000 w lights keep it nice at night. 64 degrees for flower and the ladies love it.

    cheuston Member

    I just left her inside for the past few days. It warmed up one day so I brought her back outside into the sun, but it's been so cold at night it's easier just to leave her inside. About 15% amber on the trichomes so I'm thinking it's harvest time now :) I'll try to get pics up soon.

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