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fox farms or pro mix?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by sk8disgruntled, Jan 21, 2010.


    sk8disgruntled Well-Known Member

    what would be the better soil to use i was thinking of mixing a bag of fox farms light warrior with a bag of happy frog, but ive also considered just using promix wich would be a little cheaper. probobly going to use earth juice nutrients since i already have some grow, bloom, and catylist.

    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    Sunshine #4! im over FF.$25 to fill 3 5gal pots is redankulous! I get 50lb. bricks of sunshine,for $35. It has plenty of perlite, they also add dolomite lime. I get around 9 5gal. buckets or more, im pretty stoneyyyy right now.

    blower Active Member

    where to but promix?

    sk8disgruntled Well-Known Member

    blower, i dont really understand what your trying to say. hey fditty where did you buy that sunshine and how much is shipping? so you've used fox farms how does the sunshine compare to it?

    cutman Well-Known Member

    thats all i use is ff. happy frog, or ocean forest, i buy both but use more of the ocean forest, than i do the happy f.. ocean f... has more nutes in it then happy frog but you get more soil in it. both are good

    sk8disgruntled Well-Known Member

    anyone have any experience with pro mix? it seems like everyone uses ff probably why its so expensive. or does anyone know of any good 100% organic soils?

    cutman Well-Known Member

    get both and grow them side by side and make your own mind up. thats why im doing the light test. just remeber you get what you pay for, you buy a cheeper soil and you dont get the grow you want, then your time is well spent learning what to do, or not to do.

    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    I get mine at my dro shop. Just google. Sunshine #4. I have had great results with it. If ur only doin a few plants, go with FF. I use sunshine and find myself givin nutes, about a week earlier. It wont burn youngins tho. As for the price, no comparison. Luv it! It made by Sungro. Www.sungrow.com

    metalmancfh Member

    We currently are using pro-mix with the mycrorize in it...makes life grand...We have used canna soil for a long time, FF, and Sun 4...currently we actually have sun 4 and pro mix side by side (extra soil leftover)

    In our experience, sun 4 and promix grow virtually the same, the pro-mix has a high porosity bag that helps the plant suck up more nutrients allowing for bigger crop over all.....sun 4 seems to stay wet longer with slightly worse drainage...

    About 8 5 gal pots out of a bail of sun 4 and 10-11 5 gal pots out of promix (29$ a bail)

    So, seems it prety much becomes a question of if you want to not water as often or if you'd rather have your plant suck up more nuts....

    Trian79 Active Member

    I'm tired of Fox Farm with the gnat eggs in it and having it burn the shit out of my plants during week 5 flowering. I've switched to pro mix for now. Everything seems to be going good, but we'll see when heavy flowering hits.

    asafan69 Well-Known Member

    I have awesome results going to Lowes and picking up Garden-Pro top soil and Garden-Pro manure. you can get a whole bag for a dollar and change. I combine them as 5 parts Top soil, 2 parts manure. I'm growing my veggies out side in that mix and they are the biggest veggies I've ever grown. I grew my ganja in it too, but I add 5 parts vermiculite to the above mix, and my results were, for my first grow inside a closet, pretty damn spectacular.

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