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Fox farm ocean forest soil?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by cmbajr, Apr 25, 2012.


    cmbajr Active Member

    A lot of people tell me to mix soils for each stage in growing but I can't really afford all that soil... I wanted to get a 12quart bag of fox farm ocean forest soil and plant my germinated seeds in the soil and add fox farm nutrients during flowering and that's all with the soil... Would this work from vegetation to harvest? And what kind of yield should I expect? Im growing LSD and blue cheese...

    donniemcm Well-Known Member

    It will absolutely work.... as far as yield there are WAY too many variables.... lights, pot size, veg time, etc etc

    Wetdog Well-Known Member


    That would be 3 gallons=1 sorta small container to grow/flower in=1 plant and not much yield.

    You might want to re think this.

    grandpa 1949

    grandpa 1949 Active Member

    I must of missed something. All I saw was 12qt of FF OF. No mention of how many plants. I gonna guess 1?
    But that's what I use.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Theres too many variables, but it mainly has to do with lighting. I've heard .8g (I think)/W of lighting. But it changes wether its CFL,MH,or HPS. Alot is genetic based too,and how long its vegged for (If indoor).

    missnu Well-Known Member

    I use FFOF, but you are going to need some nutrients for flower..you can get by veg without them as long as it isn't for long, but you have to give them something during flower

    KI11TH3W3AK Active Member

    ffof is great stuff. get some nutes like fox farms big bloom but don't give nutes to early! good luck

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    OP mentioned LSD and blue cheese.

    I can't see 12qts being enough for 1 plant from seed, no matter the brand, much less 2.

    Tony Sativa

    Tony Sativa Member

    I'd rather go with the happy frog soil and add my own nutes and perlite as needed. I like the botanicare pure granular nutes and add when you transplant from each container. You should start with 4 inch then to 6 inch square containers then go up in size to 9 and 12 or larger square depending on what size you want to finish flowering in. This will help your roots grow faster and save you some space when they are small. Figure on a gallon of soil per every foot of plant and bigger pots equal better yields if done proper.

    Nullis Moderator

    Which Fox Farm fertilizers do you actually plan on using for bloom? A lot of them, and most of the liquid ones, don't strictly fit the definition of organic (i.e. they contain synthetic chelates, chemical salts, lacking organic matter/microbes). Big Bloom is the only [liquid] one, AFAIK.
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i'm not familiar with those particular strains but imo ocean forest is a bit hot for most seeds to get a good start in. i think you'd do yourself a favor to start the seeds in a milder soil and transplant to the ffof once they have a decent root mass. it will also stretch the soil a bit further. it doesn't have to be a fancy starter soil if you're worried about cost.

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