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Food Coloring Experiment

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by btt, Apr 7, 2007.


    2BLITZED4U Well-Known Member

    cool thanks

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    ok i get the kool-aid thing. what about chocolate milk mix? it would probably make it brown right? maybe give it some flavor. worth a shot. might be interesting. we have flavored blunts, mix in some flavored weed, and you never have to eat food again. :joint::peace::blsmoke:

    mondaypurple Well-Known Member

    choco moco would mold the shit out of your plants...in a few hours.

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    even without...yeah you right. haha, stoned and just wanted a nice cold glass of chocolate milk. ok so can this only happen when you cut the buds with the stem or can you add it to soil? im thinking not with soil and just soak the stem ends in the diluted koolaid.
    if you add sugar will it increase the uptake of the coloring into the stem and flower? im growing eight plants right now in vege state (only a week old.) i plan to experiment with at least two of my plants. check my post for my setup. ya digg?:joint::peace::blsmoke:

    travisaustin1987 Active Member

    hey fdd2blk

    did you just snip off the branch after harvest and let the coloring soak into
    the bud or did ya keep growing with the coloring in the water ? hey also did ya
    ever find out if the colored buds were smok-able ''safe'' ?

    nikk Active Member

    dude,this thread is almost a year old,lol

    scwascwa Well-Known Member

    chocolate covered dank buds :) sounds great to me especially heated up in the oven on high
  8. why dont you try making a really high solution of water and food coloring and then add in your neutrients and feed your plants. other than dipping budds in it. because i know that when you do that it can take resin off the bud

    jackdirty New Member

    y dont you guys just introduce cold temp to get purple? this whole thread just made me question RIU later

    kateriinnaa Member

    i just tried this today because id love to see my buds coloured :) i put a branch into water mixed with some red food colouring and now im just waiting to see how it goes...just watch the pH levels because some colours might throw things off balance and make it too acidic

    mouthmeetsoap Active Member

    Wild. I saw some stuff called "Red Heart" at a local dispensary and it was a dark red color. Never seen that before. It was a poor smoke however, and I'm starting to wonder if I may have purchased kool-aid weed. Would not be too happy about it. Fun for hobbyists, but I can definitely see people taking advantage of the fact that their bud is a crazy color.

    jebar77 New Member

    would be great if the pics weren't missing

    monkey5 Active Member

    hey i cant see the photos . can you post them again?

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