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Food Coloring Changes Plants Appearence...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bjeminyro, Aug 9, 2010.


    bjeminyro Active Member

    Hey guys I know that florists use food coloring to alter the appearance of different flower cuttings. They place the cuttings in a vase and dye the water with various food coloring drops, this changes and/or adds colors to the flowers. My question is would it work with our favorite plant? If I colored my water during each watering would it have any affect on the plant or buds? Or if after I harvested I kept a branch or 2 alive in a vase full of food coloring would it do or change anything?
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    my guess is no because my water is usually brown (because the my nutes) and flowers never are.. colored spray paint might change the color....lol though I wouldn't recommend it on anything you smoke....Why would you want to do that anyway green/white/purple/blue thats not enough color for u? color comes from genetics...only..imo

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    It's a great idea, if you like smoking food coloring......

    bjeminyro Active Member

    Food coloring is non toxic and doesn't have a taste so I didn't think "smoking food coloring" was such a bad idea. It was only a question I was pondering, not necessarily even going to try it. I just heard it worked with a number of other plants so thought it might be able to be applied to our favorite plant.

    Mr. Green thumb, those colors are enough for me lol. I just thought it'd be cool to be able to alter their colors, just a fun little experiment..

    slomoking13 Well-Known Member

    Someone experimented with this in their journal using purple food coloring to see if it would turn their buds purple .. Can't remember who it was, but they said it made the buds taste like shit and they recommended that nobody else try it. Also, just because something is non-toxic when you eat it doesn't mean that it won't be toxic if it's smoked. Look at all the preservatives they use in tobacco that are approved by the FDA and are safe for food use. Once you burn them, they become dangerous. Bottom line is, i don't think i would recommend the food coloring. I did take a horticulture class one time where we experimented with several things to preserve flowers. Orange,Grape, and Strawberry Crush worked best because of their acidity and they did change the colors of the flowers. The flowers were never consumed in any way though.

    Nitegazer Well-Known Member

    Interesting thought, bjeminyro. If you are truly following the way florists to it, you would have to cut the buds, and then set them in a vase of the colored water, or perhaps inject the colored water into the stem-- the roots would probably not take up the color. The trouble is, florists color thin petals, where the color of the liquid inside can affect the appearance. Bud is pretty dense, and green-- so it would be difficult to color it.

    This makes me wonder about flavorings, though. I wonder if you could place the cut stems in a flavoring. hmmm......

    aha, just found this link!


    bjeminyro Active Member

    Thanks Nitegazer! Finally a respectable non-cynical answer!

    Codyb.c.#1 Member

    Still not the same n with some food color its very harsh smoke depending on the coloring !

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