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Foliar Spray

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by the dragon killa, Apr 8, 2008.

    the dragon killa

    the dragon killa Active Member

    Does anyone have a foliar spray recipe that they use that works well for soil plants? Not sure if soil/hydro makes a difference with sprays.

    I don't know if plants need different spray nutes in flower and different ones in veg, but if so please let me know.

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    Cyphen Well-Known Member

    Don't foliar feed unless you're having nutrient uptake problems.
    & never during flowering unless you want moldy buds (from what I've heard)

    OneCanSam Well-Known Member

    What??? Do you people make this stuff up? For decades I've been foliar feeding in conjunction with soil grows, hydro grows, aeroponic grows and drip grows. During FLOWERING AND DURING VEGATIVE . If one has adequate ambient conditions and adequate airflow, mold is usually a non issue. People can have mold issues without foliar feeding if the humidity is to high and poor airflow.

    I suggest getting a decent organic or mostly organic pre made foliar spray such as Bills Perfect fertilizer (its like $5 a bottle) as a stand alone foliar application, or use it with Spray-N-Grow, just follow the dosage instructions and don't exceed the recommended dosage. You could also use Chi foliar spray or whatever you decide on. One good tip is to use 'like products', for example, if you use General Hydroponic nutes in soil or via Hydro, its always a good idea to stick with the products that are made by the same manufacturer, I just used General Hydroponics as an example, since they have excellent feeding schedules and show you what products supplement the others. I just linked to one, there are more at that site. If you scroll down, you will see the soil feeding schedule recommendations.

    I've been using General hydroponic nutes for my personal garden for more than 25 years, when I was 18 I grew my first plant in a Phototron, then as I learned, I migrated to ebb and flow, back then the choices were limited, many of us made our own systems. Today, the choices are endless.

    Been using GH nutes pretty much exclusively for my personal needs for many moons, I've had great success with using Bills perfect fertiliser as a supplent foliar application in conjuntion with the GH nutes. There are a TON of nute products on the market these days, I figure, if it ain't broken, theres no need to deviate from what has given me excellent results time after time and year after year. I've tried other johnny come lately products, but always came back to GH.

    Bottom line is this; You should use whatever product you feel comfortable with, everyone has their own preferences.

    Maybe others will chime in to help you brew your own foliar spray. Hope this info helps. Good luck with your grow. :)
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    OneCanSam Well-Known Member


    Here's a couple more tips I should have mentioned regarding foliar during flowering:

    Don't foliar feed if your 10 days or so to harvesting, if you want to just spray them with plain water, you can do this right up to harvesting, all foliar spraying should be done before the lights come on, or a little bit before the lights go off, but only if your ambient conditions are where they should be. (Otherwise, mold or water droplets could damage the foliage if sprayed say, mid afternoon. Most foliar sprays will mention this on the instructions)

    Remember, Less sometimes is better. Many people simply use to much fertilizer, they believe more is better, it's not. This applies to foliar feeding and normal feeding.

    If your plants have leaf tip burn, ease up on the fertilizer and hold off the foliar feeding until your plants can benefit from them (or just spray with ph adjusted plain distilled water), and only foliar feed to supplement your traditional nutes in the soil or hydro as recommended by the instructions, don't overdue it.

    One last note is this, make sure the foliar water is the proper PH, many times the foliar food has buffers to assure the PH will be in the range it should be, you can use a weaker foliar solution as well as spraying your foliage now and again with plain distilled water is always a good idea, since the oils on the plant's foliage and trichs are not water soluble, it won't wash away, a simple spray of plain water is always good, during FLOWERING and during the Veg stage, a simple plain water spray helps keep the leaves in top condition, and washes away dust and what not from the leaves, this helps the photosynthesis process. If you own a cat or a dog, you might want to clean your foliage more often than if you don't, if your a smoker, or smoke in or near the grow room, extra foliage foliar clean water spraying is a good idea to keep the plants foliage in tip top shape. :blsmoke:
    White Widow Woman

    White Widow Woman Well-Known Member

    I would highly recommend using Dutch Masters Liquid Light (it's new and awesome) along with its Penetrator, it's like magic!


    skunkbudnice Well-Known Member

    I second that, I have just started using ip and my White widow x PPP Bloody love it, they reach up for the light when I use this stuff 10/10 ...............defo give it a go

    heathmalc Member

    Another thing to use for foliar-spray is "Superthrive". I have used it for about quite a while, adding a drop or two to a gallon of water, then using that gallon-jug to fill-up my foliar spray bottle. I use a the following feeding schedules:

    Foliar feeding schedule:

    During vegetation/cloning period (and mothers): I spray my plants once a week (never on same day as regular watering) with the Superthive formula mentioned above.
    During Flowering cycle (12/12) : I spray with the Superthrive formula for weeks 1-6 (unless plant has 6wk flowering, then I use it for weeks 1-4), for the remaining period of flowering (usually 2-3 weeks), I use only a water solution that has been ph'd into the acceptable range.

    This schedule is for BOTH soil and hydroponic grows!

    Additional notes:
    If you do not have Superthrive, and cannot afford to buy it, then you can use a reduced amount of your "micro" nutrient from you regular nutrients that you give your plants. If you do not have a mid-nutrient like this, nor superthrive, then use plain water (or rain water if you have it).
    If for some reason you are using a miracle grow system, be sure to NEVER add miracle grow as a foliar spray! It will almost always hurt your grow more than it can help.

    PM if you need additional advice on this subject.

    The303Yeti Well-Known Member

    I have been using optic foliar. It's really expensive but my plants love it.

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