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Foliar feeding question?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ryavila, Apr 4, 2010.


    ryavila Well-Known Member

    When can i start to feed my babies if i`am going to use foliar feeding method? should i wait for like 1-2weeks before the seedling sprouted or can i do it right away?

    ryavila Well-Known Member

    Bump bump.

    MeJuana Well-Known Member

    You have to say how you are growing and why you would want to foliage feed. Your nutrient supplier should have recommended foliar feeding schedules, like 7ml per gallon of Karma from Botanicare. Thing is, they don't need it in dirt or aero so far can't imagine why you would want to risk this one.

    oreganics Active Member

    Lots of variables there? What are the foliar feed nutrients are they chemical, organic who they made by? I use H&G Magic Green on clones and my seedlings 1 time a week and my vegetative plants 2 times a week without any ill affects.
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    seedlings don't need "any" nutes for around 2 weeks, or until you have 3 alternating internodes. foliar feeding isn't something you do instead of regular feeds, it's an additional thing. i only do it in early flower...

    ryavila Well-Known Member

    @oreganics How old is your seedlings when you start foliar fedding them?

    ryavila Well-Known Member

    so you mean foliar feeding is different from regular feeding?
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    yes sir! you can't complete a grow by only foliar feeding.

    logzz Active Member

    Yes its something you do to boost your crop. However it is very easy to ruin your plants this way. It can lead to mold and nute burn.

    oreganics Active Member

    @ [​IMG] ryavila listen to others it is a tricky thing I do not foliar feed at all during flowering only during veg time and clones also as stated seedlings but I wait till 3 inter-nodes before I even think about messing with seedlings. You can go look at a few pics I have posted called My Space and see a little of my operation.
    Rusty Crutch

    Rusty Crutch Well-Known Member

    I hit my clones with Accent Solution, Seed and clone for both water and foliar feeding. I've been told not to start giving veg nutes until the first set of leaves start to yellow. I usually put clones on light veg nutes once the roots start to come out of the rockwool cube. Not sure if thats the right way but it works well for me.

    mariapastor Well-Known Member

    well. i use seaweed extract on some of my plants and worm castings on others. 1-2 a week amount of substance purely depends on the manufactures recommendation but in either case foliar spray the back side of leaves not the side were the sun hits, when dealing with foliar spray less is more and close attention is REQUIRED gradually up the frequency of times b4 you up the dose on the amount used . instead of making a more stronger batch, just up the times you do it from ones a week to twice and divide the days you dont want feeding times to be significantly close to each other

    wineart Active Member

    If they are clones they are the same age as the mother. Whatever you feed the mother is good for clones (once roots are established). Growing in soil mix, seedlings don't really need nutes. If I am growing from seed and plan on taking clones, I don't feed the seeding until after I take cuttings, (clones are best taken from a nitrogen deficient mother). After cuttings are taken I feed mother 1/2 strength for 1 feeding and going up from there. Before I take the next cuttings I cut the mom off from FF Grow Big for at least a week or 2 before next clones. Those 2nd clones can take full strength nutes right off the bat. At least that is what I do and it all seems to work.

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